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9/4/2021 c10 11SJshipper75
Ugh, enjoyed the story until you had colored sky pregnant with his baby. Jack called out to Carter, so his love for her was strong. He wouldn’t lie with another woman. Poor Sam.
6/6/2014 c10 gemsong
lovely story. A baby?! Sweet! I'd love to see this revisited. :)
10/3/2010 c10 virum
I like this story very much. But it's sad that jack doesn't know he will have a child there.
2/23/2010 c10 RoseA26
Excellent, have been meaning to read this for awhile and found the time to do so today. Read it straight through, was excellent, I really wish there was more.

Thanks for the great read, I loved to spend an evening with Jack and his adventures every now and then, lol!
5/29/2009 c10 sg1star
have simply loved this story and a few of or other ones you have written, it flowed so well and was spellbounding that made an evening instead of watch "Britians' Got Talent" last night well worth it
7/7/2008 c10 chiclete
Awesome ending for a wonderful story. Thanks! :)
7/2/2008 c10 3allaboutcontests
Really sweet ending!

The reunion between Jack and his crew was so in character, but touching. But I definitely didn't see Colored Sky's news coming. o_o
6/30/2008 c10 5BullDemon
Wonderful story! I really think you should post this on - there are some folks over there that would enjoy taking a look at it. Again - Great story. Write more!
6/30/2008 c10 gibblesgal
As you close out this story I am reminded of a song from my Girl Scout days that fits it very well. Of course I can't remember the actual title, but it goes like this:

"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold."

It was kind of unusual how Jack came about making his new friends, but then again, everything concerning the Stargate is unusual. Right?

If you think about it, Jack was 'borrowed' to fulfill the prophecy of the tribe. It's a shame that he was mistreated at the beginning and then adored and apparently loved as he showed his worth. Obviously, you have a sequel in mind, so let me add my pleading and begging for you to write and post it for us.

The greeting that SG-1 gave to Jack at the ceremony seemed so..., right. Each member showed their deep respect and caring as they greeted him in their own way. They didn't embarrass him in front of the tribe. I liked the way that you afforded Sam and Jack their very private moments under his blanket of furs. It gave great meaning to the respect and fondness they have for each other.

I shall miss waiting for the next chapter of this story to land in my inbox. I hope we don't have to wait too long for a follow-up. Bravo on a job well done.

One hugh question keeps knawing at me. What happened to Jack's gun? They didn't find it when they searched for him. Was it left in a tunnel? OK, I'll shut up now.
6/30/2008 c10 10PatriciaS
Sad to see this story end and I love the last chapter especially the last paragraph. Very sneaky! lol

Have to say this it does beg for a sequel at sometime.

Huge thanks to you and your muse as well as Nell bless her.
6/29/2008 c10 1JimBeamer5
A fantastic story! Some sections brought a tear to my eye. Does Jack know, BTW, of the possibility that Colored Sky could have fallen pregnant?
6/29/2008 c10 70ScruffyLovin
Wonderful story. I really enjoyed it all the way through. :)
6/29/2008 c10 5smithcrafter
Very good story.
6/29/2008 c10 pain in the mikta
Aw! A wonderful story it was! Bravo! And thanks for this great fic!
6/29/2008 c10 12remerkaba
I really enjoyed this story. It was different, entertaining and well written. You did Jack really well. The characters were all done well. This was a very fun read.
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