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6/29/2008 c10 96Zoser
I would have reviewed sooner but could not stop reading. This was wonderful - I throughly enjoyed this adventure.
6/29/2008 c10 Bucky4
Just wanted to compliment you on a tight, well-crafted story. I don't know how much is you and how much is your much vaunted Beta, Nell, but it's a pleasure to read your stories-even when I'm not happy with the outcome. I sent you a message, but I don't know whether you got it as I haven't had any story notifications or responses for two days. Could be the problem's with FF.N, or maybe it's Yahoo. Anyway, wanted to make sure you got the compliment. Hope you write another soon.
6/29/2008 c10 Jackless
I will miss this story as I would a close friend. Enjoy your time off and come back with another great story for us. Thanks for sharing this fic with us.
6/28/2008 c10 12Aqua Mage
Fantastic fic! Loved every moment of it. Though you should mark it as complete!
6/28/2008 c10 5Neiths Arrow
I sense a sequel. This was a really good read. This is the Jack that I love . . . cantankerous and warrior to the core - yet a softy inside. You captured him well.
6/28/2008 c10 Nessie1701
What can I say, I really liked it. I would have liked to see Sam hug Jack, but I also agree with how you wrote it... Loved the tag at the end... Great job!
6/28/2008 c10 zats
Hate for the story to end, but wow what a story! Jack returns to an old life with a new one to start...
6/28/2008 c9 10PatriciaS
A great chapter to come back to... thank you.

Not only did Jack know something was up but he unknowingly caught the sun glare off Sam's binoculars. Love it when Jack thought he would play sleeping and slept lol. Good way to bring it on to night time especially with the team being so close as well, Jack will want to take Little Step with him just so she can keep Daniel to heel. He could always threaten to take him back to her is he misbehaves.

You've added something by bringing it to night fall and everyone is sitting round the fire and then to have Jack walk in through the fire light... beautiful. Looking forward to the next one.
6/26/2008 c9 pain in the mikta

Even though it's an excellent chapter, you know that you're are quite evil, finishing it exactly there, don'tcha?
6/26/2008 c9 Kara Thrace
Best chapter yet, I'm loving this story and I'm SUPER excited to see how Jack reacts...a totally inappropriate but needed display of affection, please! :)
6/26/2008 c9 Jackless
Oh man, tha reunion is the cliff hanger! Not fair. so not fair! But well done :-)
6/26/2008 c9 gibblesgal
You are indeed a sly one. You do everything you can to draw us in, to make us drool, cross our fingers, and continue to wish for the final scene for all of SG-1 to be rejoined. At the same time you leave breadcrumbs, hints that show how hard it will be for Jack to up and leave. He's been shown a different style of life that they hope will lure him into staying on his own. They have found his weakness and are using it to their advantage. His decision will be difficult to say the least.

This is truly a mind-boggling story that will provide much to think about well after the final chapter is posted.
6/26/2008 c9 chiclete
Yes! I was sure worth the cliffhanger. SO cool! :) Loved it.
6/26/2008 c9 zats
Was just getting interesting and boom a cliffhanger. Need to read more soon. Glad the team are together again..lets see how all of them react.
6/26/2008 c9 70ScruffyLovin
Yay! *does the Snoopy happy dance* XD They brought Jack's team to him! :) I wonder if that's why Teomyn was upset with him before, 'cuz she knew he'd be leaving? Aw.
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