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for The Legend of Spyro: A New Darkness

9/15/2008 c89 10godofmadness43
No! Lethak was my fav, even evil he was really a softy, Lethak, i salute you!
9/15/2008 c88 godofmadness43
nice, vergil makes an appearence and Bahamut shows himself, i sense massive carnage coming up.
9/14/2008 c87 godofmadness43
that was nice of Lethak for burying his mom. But Demitri is peeved now and THIS IS GETTING GOOD! ADD MORE CHAPS SOON!
9/14/2008 c86 godofmadness43
kool, Razgriz got his butt whipped, and DK mark is free. But DL Mark remains and Falzar and Revan are going for Leon, Ignitus and Morrogh next, god this is awesome. Add more chaps soon!
9/14/2008 c85 godofmadness43
Now this is good, this is very good. Btw, the Cave of the Dead is exactly like the one from LOTR:RTK isn't it?
9/12/2008 c84 My Inner Fred
Wait what?

Elvas dead?
9/12/2008 c84 godofmadness43
o...my...god...elva's...dead...don't cry man, don't cry...ELVA WHY? How could it have come to this?
9/11/2008 c83 godofmadness43
OMG! I didn't see that coming! Falzar is evil again, and Mark has an Aunt! Got to keep writing man!
9/11/2008 c82 godofmadness43
Good chap, btw i ahve an idea, if u could have a sorta connection between Luna and Sedro's wife Elaine, that would be great, besides that, great chap!
9/10/2008 c81 godofmadness43
Oh Snap! That was hectic, but at least DK Mark will be saved, Dl MArk ...i hope they can free him soon. Also u remember that comment in gamespot about Razgriz and Mark? U probably no where i'm going with this so i'll leave u to work.
9/10/2008 c80 godofmadness43
Holy Crap! Y did i no Spyro would be the first to be corrupted? Anyway, gotta read the next cahp
9/10/2008 c78 godofmadness43
Not good is right, these guys r up against 5 men who killed Dk Mark's home, btw two of these guys are versions of my friends in real life; Laughing Chameleon i based off of my friend Richard since he's a bit crazy, Screaming Death i based on my friend Kenny cause he always wanted to be death, and my friend Will i haven't thought about, he could either be Raging Gryphon, Mad wolf or Crying Pheonix, u can choice which one.
9/10/2008 c79 godofmadness43
intresting chap, now back to the Action! lol
9/9/2008 c79 Mad Guns22
Weakly done? its like another chapter of life. :D

Well I better keep the review counter up... *sigh* Kids... they are normaly like that i guess? hm... More
9/9/2008 c77 godofmadness43
Nice, the Hounds will prove pretty good in the story. If you'd like you could make human versions on themselves, thought i'd rather not, it's up to you
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