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for The Legend of Spyro: A New Darkness

9/8/2008 c76 10godofmadness43
Whoa, didn't see that coming!
9/8/2008 c75 godofmadness43
Well, this helps understand who the dragon was, and Masami got a boyfried, yay for Takeshi! Also, Lethak is Takeshi's dad?
9/7/2008 c76 Mad Guns22
ohh ok then... if embers behind this i'll run... eh not really.

this is still quite hard to read... maybe fix that up? i know you always type like that but... whatever more pl0xyslol/...
9/7/2008 c74 godofmadness43
Okay, now this is getting good! Masami in love with someone, and a green dragon in Lethak's lair, who is this dragon? And why is he making out with Masami? God this is going to be awesome!
9/7/2008 c73 godofmadness43
This is getting a little intense ans scary also, which of the three will turn over first? Only time will tell!
9/7/2008 c74 My Inner Fred
Shes only 8 and shes kissing a green dragon?..



Cant wait for the next chapter..
9/7/2008 c72 My Inner Fred
Nice Chapter
9/6/2008 c72 Mad Guns22
Ok ok! i had lost it before... i really was sleepy when i made the review and so on...

I take back what i said before, but still what happened before?

Anywho... The black point has been rubed from your name... for now.

more pl0x! ;D
9/6/2008 c72 godofmadness43
okay, now this is a cute chap, can't wait for when everyone rescues them, remember what i said in my last review, cause it might prove useful sometime.
9/6/2008 c71 godofmadness43
Well this explains how Revan got back, and DL Mark has his eyes! Yay! Also if u want you can give the Hounds of War an appearence (either all of them or one, its up to u) And don't forget you planned on giving Vergil an appearence also.
9/6/2008 c70 godofmadness43
i can feel an answer to what DK mark asked coming up!
9/6/2008 c67 godofmadness43
aww, that's so sweet, son and mother reuniting after 15 years, remind me of my character and his mom's reurnion in my story
9/6/2008 c71 My Inner Fred
Cant wait for the next chapter!

nice job mark
9/6/2008 c71 Mad Guns22
EM! this story is almost over, but i'll keep nagging you about it: WHERE THE FUCK AS ASH WENT?

After 3 chapters, BOOM! you forgot him altogether... Your not entirely pleasing me, and the way you type is so damn hard to read.

consider this a flame... you Have a Black point on your name (Not able to enter contests and comps hosted by me or asisted by me)


HUGE spaz out there... Kinda lost intrest in this story due to the fact that its hard to read and updates are way to fast and are too many chapters added per update

ok? well forgive me if i when spazzed to much.
9/5/2008 c66 godofmadness43
Oh man this is getting good! Family reunion, this gets better and better!
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