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7/2/2008 c36 10godofmadness43
Holy Shit! That was so intense, the fighting, the moves, i thought Dk Mark would win. Dang, those two are more powerful than Dante and Nero. They might even be more powerful than Malefor!
7/1/2008 c34 godofmadness43
i think this tournament is intense, all the fights, all the mayhem, and all the cool techniques they use. This tournament is getting more and more intense with every chapter.
6/30/2008 c34 My Inner Fred
the tournament is ok.

your doing great on the story so far good job

can you add a little romance?
6/29/2008 c27 godofmadness43
So...Revan was a traitor this whole time, man this is getting intense.
6/29/2008 c26 godofmadness43
OMFG! NO! Why did Revan have to die? Why man why?
6/29/2008 c25 godofmadness43
well he tried, but ur mark is better than Nick, can't wait for the next fight.
6/29/2008 c24 godofmadness43
Sweet! My mark beat Dante! Can't wait to see the fight against Revan and Elva.
6/29/2008 c23 godofmadness43
Wow, Nero got owned by Falzar. Can't wait to see the next fight.
6/29/2008 c22 godofmadness43
Oh, man Sieg's gonna feel that in the morning.
6/29/2008 c28 godofmadness43
well, this explains about Elva's past, feel sorry for her.
6/28/2008 c21 godofmadness43
dude, Morrogh got manhandled by Godith. Man I don't wanna be that guy. can't wait to see what happends next.
6/27/2008 c14 My Inner Fred
Wow nice good job on the story.

I was wondering if you gave up or not on the story.

(Obviuosly not)

I want to see some romance=P

keep on going your my favorite author!

6/27/2008 c10 godofmadness43
Sweet. You added my characters to mys tory. Thanks man. Also Mark the DK's brother is named Revan, not Reavan. Just to let you know.
6/25/2008 c7 Mad Guns22
oh a Magnum, sweet... :D
6/25/2008 c9 godofmadness43
u know, u can add my character Mark the Dragon King if u want.
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