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for The Legend of Spyro: A New Darkness

12/9/2008 c160 10godofmadness43
what a great ending! sad but great too! and when r u going to make another Spyro story?
12/8/2008 c160 My Inner Fred
What a great ending dude! U should get a award for this epic story. I really hope the next story you do its continued from the sequel. Long live DL Mark!

Here are some typos u made on your last chapter: Mark! Oh my brother! We miss you!” cried Godith and MyInerFred u missed a n =P

Cant wait for your next story!
12/8/2008 c159 godofmadness43
Long live DL Mark...*does the amry salute and sheds a tear*
12/8/2008 c159 My Inner Fred
That was a sad chapter.. Can't believe hes really gone..

12/8/2008 c158 4dreyanor
i was looking at a certine book and guess that the dragons created the gods. weird, and why did you kill yourself
12/8/2008 c158 10godofmadness43
he...killed Lucifer, but he died in the process. Long live Dragon Lord Mark!
12/7/2008 c158 My Inner Fred
Omgz! Mark is dead...

Thats horrible.. what will happen now?
12/7/2008 c157 My Inner Fred

the Destroyers back.. how is mark gonna defeat lucifer?..
12/7/2008 c157 godofmadness43
oh man this is intense! Oh and remember my idea of Demon DK mark? Well, now would be a good time to use him!
12/7/2008 c156 4dreyanor
i just came up with a story and am going to write it. i think it will be under halo but i dont know.

but i came up with my race, a sentiant, a being older tan the gods themselves. i look like a mix between a draqgon, elite, predator and alien. it will be a major cross over
12/7/2008 c156 My Inner Fred
God.. that is horrible Lucifer just killed all of them...

Agorak better defeat him this time...
12/7/2008 c156 10godofmadness43
NO! Why did they all have to die? Why god why?
12/7/2008 c155 godofmadness43
wow, this so reminds me of DBZ GT. when goku fights baby and omega shenron
12/7/2008 c154 godofmadness43
oh man, this just got from good, to bad, to worse. I hope these two are good and not evil.
12/6/2008 c153 godofmadness43
this is so awesome! i must know what happens, update soon dude!
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