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for The Legend of Spyro: A New Darkness

12/6/2008 c152 10godofmadness43
they are so screwed now. I no it, they are so screwed.
12/5/2008 c152 My Inner Fred

I bet this next chapters gonna be epic!
12/4/2008 c151 My Inner Fred
Nice Chapter!

Tyreal sure died really fast...

Keep typing!
12/4/2008 c151 godofmadness43
not good! But wait, wasn't Malefor good before? Maybe he might turn against Lucifer and help kill him. But Lucifer's really after something else, and u already no that, don't u monte?
12/4/2008 c151 1spyro46666
oh snap 0 o

12/4/2008 c150 10godofmadness43
alright, Revan is on the good side and Elaine is back. But tyreal is too and he's so going to get revenge. i always knew Revan and Mark where evenly matched. Oh and tyreal is a fallenj Archangel, which i think makes him a demonic knight, idk maybe.
12/3/2008 c149 godofmadness43
wow, he unlocked two form in one day, nice. I think that Revan should realize he will be the father of his and Kira's child and decide to join the good side for that reason, then tyreal (Elaine's former boyfriend and aka Raging Gryphon) would appear out of no where and help Lucifer. Thats all im saying.
12/2/2008 c148 My Inner Fred
Nice Chapter!

now only death is left..
12/2/2008 c148 godofmadness43
huh, no werewolf DK Mark, ah well, theres always the next chap. though it would've been good to add the werewolf version of DK Mark, add it when you get the chance.
12/2/2008 c147 My Inner Fred
Wait Mark only has how many days left and what does he have to do?

Keep typing this is getting intresting!
12/2/2008 c147 godofmadness43
Wow, Galadrial is growing more powerful then ever now. But what did DL Mark mean when he meant should something happen to him? and what about Tyranus and DK Mark's werewolf form(u can add that when they fight chameleon if u want), and steven (his friend and the solider he beat up in my story). Anyway update soon.
12/1/2008 c146 godofmadness43
well, now two hounds are dead and so is Wyraach 9i think), but y does bad stuff happen to Godith? Oh and about DK Mark's werewolf form, this can only be unl;eashed on a full moon 9not a blue moon or a red moon) in which he's at his almost powerful. Oh and don't forget about DK Mark and Revan's true dragon king forms (they take on the appearence of a dragon but still have a human shape) which they need to unlock. Btw what happened to tyranus?
12/1/2008 c145 7Raine Moon
Nice chap dude. and about Godith and her nickname, its nice. And Galadrial is so awesome. continue and update soon
12/1/2008 c145 10godofmadness43
man, dragon haters are such a pain, but Galadrial got rid of them, btw what about Mad Wolf? I haven't heard from him since the race chaps. what happened to him?
11/30/2008 c145 My Inner Fred
Nice chapter!

Galadrial trasformed into a 10 year old that fast?
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