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for The Legend of Spyro: A New Darkness

11/30/2008 c144 10godofmadness43
OH Crap, they're so screwed
11/30/2008 c143 4dreyanor
svadrav re wux yoscam ekess e mail ve zahae wer story mrith ve si mi xoal'ja ekess confn svern mrith vi ominak, si jahus thinking preah di xarzith usv creolnali
11/30/2008 c143 My Inner Fred
Great Agor gives him the wrong drink...

Oh well, im positibe the mark will be able to defeat the dark god in less that two months.

by the way where is sedro and the other characters atm?
11/30/2008 c143 10godofmadness43
so Lucifer is the Dark God, i already knew that and so did everyone else in my story (well not him being Agor's brother yet), but w8 till everyone finds out lucifer's real plot (and secrets too)
11/30/2008 c142 godofmadness43
man Demitri can't get a break today can't he?
11/30/2008 c141 godofmadness43
wow, seems like the Hound really want him dead, and don't ever piss of Godith and DL Mark
11/30/2008 c140 godofmadness43
awesome dude! congrats on your longest spyro story let! seriously you should get an award for this!
11/29/2008 c141 My Inner Fred
Nice man! longest one on fan fiction?

Thats crazy!

Demitri is now on Spyro and Marks side? wow thats a big turn.

keep typing!
11/29/2008 c139 godofmadness43
well, i hope Demitri doesn't get killed and they accept him, and Kira and Revan...strange pairing but makes sense (i think i'm gonna hurl!)
11/29/2008 c138 My Inner Fred
Nice chapter!

but i really doubt hell be able to save his brother and malefor..
11/29/2008 c138 godofmadness43
so, the Dark God killed Elaine and Malefor was nice? wonder if he should tell the others.
11/23/2008 c137 7Raine Moon
Hey Montecristo, are you out or sumthing cuz i like ur stories and i'd like to see your next chap soon. Well, cya later and update soon
11/15/2008 c137 1spyro46666
now this story is cool look forwards to chap
11/14/2008 c137 My Inner Fred
malefor is disgusting..
11/13/2008 c137 10godofmadness43
wow, that was more shocking and sad and so...i can't even descrip it man, nice job.
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