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for The Legend of Spyro: A New Darkness

11/4/2008 c129 My Inner Fred
Nice keep up the good work...

Dont forget about DK mark..
11/4/2008 c129 10godofmadness43
nice work dude, what a way for a chap to be written. really imprssed me dude. Oh and u no the DBZ ep, the one with Trunks vs. Freiza and King Cold, that reminds me of Dk Mark in many ways. Also don't forget to add Dk Mark's Dragon King form k?
11/4/2008 c128 godofmadness43
nice, this might be the most bloodiest battle in history. Oh and don'tforget to add Revan's Chaos SLayer style (look at the chap in TDK part 2 for more info.)
11/3/2008 c127 godofmadness43
wow, this chap is certainly entertaining, i feel bad for the rest at the Imperial City, but they must stop Demitri before he begins his New Darkness. Oh and i was surprised about Cecelia and Seigfried becoming a couple and going out, and on his first day there too!
11/2/2008 c125 My Inner Fred
I hope demitri fails misserably again..
11/2/2008 c125 godofmadness43
now this is geting good! oh and when DK Mark aquires his Dragon King form, remember how i did it in the chap when he and Revan fought each other, like in mission 7 of DMC 3? u probably no what i mean. Good chap.
11/2/2008 c124 My Inner Fred
Keep Typing ^^
11/2/2008 c124 godofmadness43
yah! DK Mark is back! I wonder who the Dark God is? i no who he is but i won't spoil it.
11/2/2008 c123 godofmadness43
wow, DL Mark and Elva just saved Spyro, but now they have to take care of Demitri before he revives his father. And don't forget they have to bring DK Mark back and get rid of Razgriz permenantly.
11/1/2008 c123 My Inner Fred
Wow pretty intense chapter..

Cant wait to find out what happens next.

you never really mentioned cynder knowing spyro was dead.
11/1/2008 c122 godofmadness43
well this might not bode well to everyone now, but i wonder who was the Heaven man was? Was it DL Mark? We'll have to find out.
10/31/2008 c121 godofmadness43
now that fits perfectly to Halloween dude, nice job, and check out my topic i left on gamespot, wonder what Revan will do knowing his bro's out cold.
10/31/2008 c120 godofmadness43
whoa...didn't see that coming, talk about a family reunion
10/30/2008 c120 My Inner Fred
Wow thats horrible now RAZGRIZ escaped...
10/30/2008 c119 godofmadness43
okay, first bit i didn't get, now i'm concerned about what will happen to everyone now that Spyro is dead. also Now he decides to turn evil on us, man life seriously sucks for him.
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