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for The Legend of Spyro: A New Darkness

10/25/2008 c110 10godofmadness43
now this gets interesting, also U GOT DAWN OF THE DRAGON! Man i really want to play that so bad! I'll try to get it soon a test it.
10/23/2008 c109 3TJFS
me like

me like alot

but one word that hasnt been mentioned for a while...

10/17/2008 c109 10godofmadness43
Wow, this is getting good, it's nice that Lethak found his love again. Update soon
10/14/2008 c109 My Inner Fred
Nice chapter thats great for Lethak
10/6/2008 c108 godofmadness43
Aw, that's so sweet yet sad at the same time, one word dude:

10/6/2008 c108 My Inner Fred
Wow that was pretty dramatic and touching at the end nice job monte =P
10/6/2008 c107 godofmadness43
Ouch, that's going to hurt Lethak hard...anyway when do u plan on adding DK Mark's half dragon form and Dragon King forms? And hurry up with your updates, they always leave me in suspence.
10/3/2008 c106 10Cazcat
Wow, mate, you're insane... how you get so many chapters?

Sweet chap 2...
10/3/2008 c106 10godofmadness43
Wow, So will was really DL Mark's long lost son and Mad Wolf (aka Will the traitor) was killed by DL Mark. You just gave me an idea for my story.
10/2/2008 c106 My Inner Fred
Nice chapter
10/2/2008 c105 godofmadness43
Okay, seriously this is getting so annoying, everytime they're close to their girls, they are taken away. Man life just sucks for them doesn't it?
10/2/2008 c104 godofmadness43
Nice chap, the Valley will help a lot for this part of the story, and we know a little more about DK Mark's parents, good Chap!
10/1/2008 c103 godofmadness43
well, the girls (and DL Mark) are safe now, but what will happen when the others came to save them? this might get intresting
9/30/2008 c102 Mad Guns22
Oh noes? Wtf? :D I wonder what will happen next..

9/30/2008 c101 My Inner Fred
Nice chapter!

I havent been on the computer alot so srry for not posting comments
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