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11/13/2016 c1 romanovanoff
no! this isnt bad, man this is an amazing story! i love it so much! the plot is so different and interesting!
thank you for writing this and sharing it with us! 33333
10/2/2002 c3 Snow7
That was just great! I loved it. Yeah, snow, snow, and more snow...heartfelt love story. You know how to tell em. *How old are you again?** Remarkably well done for someone your age! I'm so glad you posted this! xxx
9/27/2002 c3 8Jade-Rose
A really sweet story so far - looking forward to reading more ^-^
9/26/2002 c3 7Lunaurora
Oookay... The bold and italics didn't show... That's a real bummer. But... Thanks to everyone for reviewing! I could just about hug you all!
2/19/2002 c2 Snow7
Hi again, Destiny! I just can't believe i didn't read this sooner - i didn't even know it was posted!

THIS IS SIMPLY TOO AMAZING FOR WORDS! You are a genious! SO WONDERFULLY WRITTEN, and too amazing to accurately comment about! It is definately one of my favorites that you've written. The descriptions and details are so amazing and emotional, jam packed with sentiment. I can't believe your age to write something so wonderful! You definately should persue writing in school, you have the talent! (what a blessing) So full of delicious description and overwhelming emotion! I just loved it! Please try to write more soon! xxxx Snow
1/21/2002 c2 6Jadesfire2
AAAAAAHHH! NEED MORE! i love this, i was so happy to se you'd updated ^_^ it's amazing that you're so young and write so well, continue please :)
12/22/2001 c2 Megami4
That was a great story... Please write more!
12/20/2001 c1 18Deena15
I LOVED it! Whaddya mean it sucks! ::Holds up a sign saying it doesn't suck...quite the oppisite actually:: Leeme get the Ranting Misty...she'll tell you it doesn't suck...::Ranting Misty says, "IT DOESN'T SUCK!"::...Okay, anyway, I LOVED IT! P.S.-It doesn't suck! P.P.S.-The next chapter to "The Hydroid Chronicles" is up, if you wanna read it!=^.^=
12/16/2001 c1 PumpkinPatchez
That is the best fic I've read ;_; It's VERY original and I love it! You must continue! ^_^
10/29/2001 c1 Snow7
Did you say that your story 'sucks'? WHY would you EVER say THAT for? I think its a GREAT, rocketshippy story, that has so much feeling and emotion and life! Please continue! It wouldn't be fair for you to just drop it now! ^_^
10/28/2001 c1 kat
I love it! please continue!
10/11/2001 c1 AB
What? It does NOT suck. It looks very intresting and fresh. I say continue the story, SPAMMIT!
10/11/2001 c1 Chibi
awww that was sweetness

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