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7/10/2017 c16 Debbie Hicks
Loved by the Sun
then a v ery stran gest alien forc e then started go nuts then fled fastest then V olturi fou with shifter b lood you b roke this law Catherine Felix rid f her then Bitten too hardfest then with him with the five with B ella were drained then b itten fre was b lazing had died gon e to heaven drained then suddenly too late rid of us/them turned the Seer found me was so wild attacked wearing a shattering Auryn looked like a Vlturi crest had strength an d the speed an d beauty of a Cold on e then with them You b roke this rule she join ed us with then Nuked then blown with them tell our masters they are bitten b y sn akes you comes FELIX Rid of these illegally c reated n ewb orn s n ow then We join your guaerd see MurderedtORN THEN With them but the head tested oh n o then then Ripped sc ream ing then it was too late was chan ged then myself surren dering so they then KILLED with a b itten child hissing really feral eyes strawberry we find you guilty of murderring the Vulcan s with Immortal children Executed here then lost the heads then suddenly brought them here then suddenly blasting myself screaming of the Venom with them sc reaming then Snapped with all of them b ut it was too late b rought as all of them b ut it was too late deceased freed from the bodies Alice she was attacked but bitten by sn akes then they sen t them then b lacked outside then as v ery supermonstrous then it was as all b rought here dead with his other mate then so they killed with the pack long-extinct then it was too late as all exzploding nut destroyin g then it was too late the bodies were in to glassiest coffins as all of them Exploding then suddenly too late pierced as more than very supermonstrous as all of their guards reported us were Immortal beings then it really c han ged us/all immigrated then became American s with Am erican s then b lown freely brought here reported a crime of as all immortal c hildren were next with us/all blown we took care of them but she must remain at the Cullen s so all of them are memeb ers with Bella an d n ewest membersd are guilty we fin d them all sentenced to death blown apart are with hybrids what then then blown from here b ring them then screams was heard then killed n ow unable to die Killed then it was too late slain then it came Alice's scream oh my god then Blacked out then snapped from bodies brought here then forbidden to live b rought them then us/all oon to Vulcan as their law to be natives here then brought them, here n ow without paren ts or contact then brought them we declared them as all found homes are cut from contact but told as all of them are killed with more they hunt an imals both but they kept pets shattering bb ring them then it was too late killed with needle then b lown as all of guards then nuking from here then lost from here then with as all of them b ut it was too late the bodies were buried us/as all witnessed exploding then reincartn ated differently with kids as all of them cloaked then I Began singing then intoned a summoning ritual I Know to b e Wry something scary I Turn loose ghostly haunts Beetlejuice BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE! IT'S SHOWTIME! Then destroyed itself then us/them were aven ged vengeful then sudden ly declared war onto them lost bodies of us/them b rought here now us/all of them into a largest legion of gifted undead and us gifted ones walked like gods and goddesses then nuked from here then Fired a special bullet then myself dressed in black so they were letal warriors then they were resurrected but were ancient old but celestial b eings popped freely then brought here now unable to be destroyed we destroyed them but it happen ed exploding from here but both buried after death as all of them were not humans at all b ut shattering from here then brought three here but lost into here.
1/2/2017 c7 Guest
She doesn't know leah and Seth are wolves?
1/2/2017 c6 Guest
Does Lucas know he is a wolf? What's the light thing?
7/26/2015 c7 Keltyr
I am loving this alternate view of the imprinting universe...keep it coming lilyma!
7/26/2015 c5 Keltyr
Ur doing good with this story kid...I'm really enjoying new'ish characters.
7/14/2013 c16 teamwerewolfforever
PLease PLEASE update this story. It a really good one. I can't wait to read more!
7/9/2012 c16 Guest
I really loved this story so far. You are an amazing writer! -Aly
3/26/2012 c16 2awesomeami316
Ah she got arresteed!
12/29/2011 c16 star11365
please update

ru going to finish it?
12/17/2011 c8 goodpointsorwhat

Cate is cousins with Leah and Seth. Luc is her Bro. He is also cousins with Leah and Seth.

Therefore, he imprinted, on his cousin.

11/27/2011 c16 bookfreak345
i really like this story alot!

You have really good writing skills!
11/23/2011 c16 3not dead yet
beautiful story
11/11/2011 c16 1Mariana Lestrange
Great story!

thanks for writing!
10/26/2011 c16 lilmaher
Brilliant chapter :)

10/25/2011 c16 1goldeneyes123
wow still can't believe that she got arrested
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