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for Because Without You

6/7/2019 c1 kyrarihanna
a very good story..i like it!
6/18/2016 c1 Guest
That was a really good ending I loved it!
11/23/2015 c1 AzuraSpy
Aww, what a wonderful story! Excellent job, loved it!
8/26/2010 c1 miss ink
I like it, I feel like this could be expanded into a bigger tale
7/21/2008 c1 Emily Myers
I really enjoyed how you put this story line together. It gave me a sense of how Bulma was as a teenager in the begining to her after she had married Vegeta. Plus, it showed how Vegeta cared for Bulma no matter what age or what time he was in.
6/13/2008 c1 7BlueCapricorn
Nice story :)

This was story is another of my favorite short story.

Great Job!


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