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7/13/2009 c6 179King in Yellow
Captain Renault will be pleased, you have rounded up the usual suspects.

I hope this means we'll always have Paris...

While suffering from sleep deprivation I should not attempt to write a review. Fun to see everyone together.

5/21/2009 c5 25MaceEcam
Dear lord...what have I unleashed?
5/21/2009 c5 26Captain IT
This is what I get for opening my big mouth. LOL

How come I get this feeling there is a 5.8 1/2 13 year old girl wearing 3 inch heels stomping the living %#%&% out of Mace?

( Neo lifted a long,shapely leg) You will NOT find me arguing that statement one bit. In the words of Neb " Rowr".

Keep it KP real..from the "Creator"

Captain IT
5/12/2009 c4 25Samurai Crunchbird

I am glad to see the finished chapter for this lateest installment. I wonder, however, if you should probably combine this with your Road Trip II story. The references to The Fan Poll I Will Not Name are already there. It should not take much for the Road Trip caravan to link with this bunch.

BTW, 'CHiPs' was produced by Rick Rosner Productions in association with MGM Television and shown on NBC.

Your friend in writing,

The Samurai Crunchbird
1/24/2009 c4 168whitem
We all knew KT had evil inside her...

I only hope that the teams can get to her before KT does something even worse than what Mace had originally planned.

And the only thing that would have embarassed Ponch and John even more, is if the car had been a Yugo...

Looking forward to the next chap... (whenever that is)
1/23/2009 c4 Captain IT
Is that what your driving to the Fannie awards in? Nice!

Oh, By the way, Since Mace and KT are going to Canada, Would you have Mace stop off and get me a couple of kegs of beer while he is there? I'll leave the keys to the hearse for him.

Keep it KP real

Captain IT
10/10/2008 c3 2Kwebs
Great chapter Thomas! Nice introductions to the new team.I have a feeling Mace is going to be in some pain here soon enough. LOL

I look forward to your next update. Keep it up my friend.
9/30/2008 c3 15screaming phoenix
He took KT? Does he have a death wish or just want to be a permanent member of humiliation nation?
9/29/2008 c3 Anabri
Nice chapter.

Nice intrdouctipn of Angels East.

And a cliffy to boot.

I LIKE it.

Install when you can (we're all busy, don't want to add any [pressure)

9/29/2008 c3 26Captain IT
I smell a fannie(award) out of this

Keep it KP real

Captain IT
9/29/2008 c3 25MaceEcam
Dude, I thought we talked about the cleaning lady thing. I'm trying to get that joke dropped.

Anyway, aside from that it was a very good chapter and I can't wait to see the next. One thing though...

ARE YOU MAD MAN! WHY would I kidnap kt? Do you think I have a DEATH WISH or something?
9/29/2008 c3 168whitem
Good looking team here Thomas. And I don't just mean aesthetically.

I can't help but wonder though why KT would be taken. There's got to be a reason...

Looking forward to what happens next...
9/29/2008 c1 26Sentinel103
Thomas, nice man. Funny so far too bad I have to go into work though, so I have to bee short. Looks like you're going to need more agents to stop these beasties. More young ladies need to step up and take on the burdon to get rid of these evil little creatures.

Thanks, enjoyed the first chapter,

Larry (Sentinel 103)
9/23/2008 c2 Anabri
That was a really good chapter. Hope you recover quickly.

9/23/2008 c1 Anabri
Who ya gonna call?

Neb's Ang-els!

Catchier than Ghostbusters. Cooler too.
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