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6/11/2018 c4 rosy
this story is so cool but i waiting so long can you make new chaper
2/25/2017 c4 5Amethyst Wereraven
This is a great story man! Keep up the good work! Can't wait to read more.
12/29/2012 c4 17DescriptivePessimism-DAA
Well... It's GREAT! Am wonderin' when 're ye gonna update fer ye next chapter? am lookin' ferwa- er forward ta it! especially when Agasa an' Ai hears 'bout it! Ye did put Ai in it?
2/16/2012 c4 6Athina Dark-Angel of Death
the fruit bat image is cute
6/5/2011 c4 Kitsune Lover 101
I'm in love with this story! Please update soon!
2/4/2010 c4 88BarianQueen
Ahh, you reviewed one of my Conan stories, and I went to your profile, found this one and I went Omg, a Conan vampire story! XD I've never read one before, at least not one Conan based. Please update whenever you can! :D
12/21/2009 c4 toolaazytologin
The summary was kind of misleading...

but good I guess
11/17/2009 c4 TCOGS





7/12/2009 c1 4Pretztailfan95
2/17/2009 c4 1Oathkeeping
You officially need to get shot, Lockie. Is it like your addiction to make Conan faint in EVERY chapter? Otherwise, it's really good. :P
2/16/2009 c4 Sanger-sequence
Hmm... It's all good so far! No complaints really with the flow of the story and such. Poor Conan... He's gotten enough sleep to never worry about insomnia again. ^^(Not that he needs to.)
2/15/2009 c4 5thewraven
...-_-'... That's it? Really? Damn it. I'm pissed 'cause I'm in no place to berate you... ARGH! LOCKIE! THE GREEN SECRETARY IS FRUSTRATED! Wait. Does Ran not change after being bit...?
2/10/2009 c1 DaGras
Very good story! I love the twist of feelings you created for each character. and I also love that you put detail in your writing and don't skip around like some people.

I can't wait to read more from you because Im sitting on the edge of my seat.
12/17/2008 c3 3Antipink
This this a great story, You did a really good job of capturing their personalities. Hurry and write the next chapter!
11/20/2008 c3 1Oathkeeping

I do that a lot sometimes, but not in fics.
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