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9/21/2010 c11 dieustinkingbaka
awwwww so cute u should make more
8/21/2010 c11 21MaxandFang101
OMMMGGGGGGGGZZZZZZ! The best, CUTEST, coolest, most awesomest fanfic ever! I love Sonya/Lee it's such a cute paring! :D

And for some reason I think Lee would really hot with his shirt off. :D A girl can dream.

You should make another one! Like another story, or a oneshot, or a sequel? Great Story! :)
6/28/2010 c11 10Pumpkiboo

the ending was cute
3/12/2010 c1 Numbah06
Great story! Favorite on this site so far! Wish there were more chapters after Sonya was decommisioned.
2/27/2010 c11 Kenziegirl13
the ending was so sweet!
8/1/2009 c11 3DarkXRachel
Aww! I love the ending!

"I prefer ushankas."

Cute X3
7/31/2009 c11 deleted2012
aw 3
7/31/2009 c11 X Author Account Closed X
Harvey actually ADMITTED that he messed up? Will wonders never cease?

Hmm, somehow, when you mentioned "recommission", I knew that that music-box thingy from Op: ZERO would be brought in.

Looks like not all Sonya's KND training has been wiped out along with her memories. And something tells me that Harvey wouldn't make a good diplomat.

And finally, Sector W (or more specifically, #83 and #84) get their happy ending. For some odd reason the final line seems...adorable...somehow.
7/30/2009 c11 7breezy-kuki
AW! :3 adoreable! C: loved the ending the best!
7/30/2009 c11 24wherever-you-wander
Aw... it's over :( Great ending though! Yay Numbuh 86 for recomissioning Sonya! I've really enjoyed reading this piece. Great job!
7/30/2009 c11 59blue-eyed-blonde12
-sniffle- It's over? NO!

I have to admit though, that last line is awesomely epic.

This fic was awesome. I'll probably reread it a lot. I applaud you.

7/26/2009 c10 7breezy-kuki
that was bittersweet, poor Sonya :( at least Harvey tried. good chapter though
7/26/2009 c10 3DarkXRachel
Aww, I like Harvey's cahnge of heart. And the semi-confession. A shame Sonya got decommisioned :( Will they go after her and try to recruit her - again? Hope so. 'Till next time :) Cute
7/26/2009 c10 X Author Account Closed X
"Having realized the folly of his impulsive actions, Harvey tries to make amends, but it may already be too late..."

I'm guessing next chapter is the epilogue. Looking forward to it.
7/26/2009 c10 deleted2012
OMG. Sorry if I haven't been reviewing too much, but I couldn't resist this time! That was very sad and powerful.. I hope it isn't the end? x
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