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1/17/2010 c5 9DYlogger
*Koff Koff*

A Marvel Spider-Man X-over? Wow... Interesting twist I wasn't expecting... One moment it's all DCAU, the next moment, Daniel goes, "Oh, I'm actually Peter Parker".

I'm kinda disappointed you ended it here without wrapping up the loose ends with the villains. WIll there be a sequel? I would love to see one.
12/12/2009 c5 14sgs09
lol Um...totally didn't see that Spiderman twist coming in! lol I thought Daniel was pretty awesome throughout the story, then he was like, "Oh, actually I'm Peter Parker." WHAT! xp Fun!

I enjoyed the story. A good plot, and good characterization, with Bruce and Terry both seeming very in-character. ;) I enjoyed it. :)

And oh my goodness, that finale with Bruce in the Caymen Islands was like AMAZING. I must say, after reading that one little ending section there I was like "Ahem..." **FAVORITE!** ;p I wondered where Bruce got off to, and to know it was all a part of the case was awesome. 3 Bruce is a beast of epic proportions. *squishes him*

Thanks for the fun read!

11/1/2009 c5 7Yusuke Urameshi - Mazoku
This was so good
8/2/2008 c2 16La Lolita
tehe! Terry's mom ment Bruce =D(grins) really awesome story idea really love what you've done =)
6/23/2004 c2 2Comics Girl
This story was so awsome! I love how you integrated Peter into Terry's life but you didn't have to do that to Poor Peter. I'm a humungoid Spider man Fanatic so he holds a soft spot in my heart. Please do a sequel to show what happens afterwards. If you do I will a loyal reader and reviewer of your stoies. Pleasee!
3/13/2003 c5 bountyhunter
wo. did anyone see that coming? i mean like wo. thats another for my hall of fame. to bad the story's just ending. a sequel would be very welcome. later dude
11/6/2002 c5 2Sheltigrrl Moonfire
Wow. This is, well, wow, one of the coolest FanFictions I've ever read. Very intriguing. A big Batman Beyond and Spider-Man fan, I really enjoyed this. You're a good writer. This story kept me in suspense until the very last word. But there were enough clues that I could start figuring it out by the second chapter. Like I said, I really liked this.

And can you say, sequel? No, I mean it, that'd be really cool.
4/15/2002 c5 Sarah
One word: Wow.
3/9/2002 c5 Bryan Paschke
Nice! I REALLY wasn't expecting Spidey! :) I'm kinda disappointed you ended it, but then I always feel that way when I've read something that's well crafted.

A sequel maybe?
3/8/2002 c5 2OmegaPhish
Whoa... now THAT was cool... No way my fic can compare to that... WRITE A SEQUEL! IT KICKED *this word has been edited to keep the review PG*! Really! I'm not lying! It was great!
2/26/2002 c5 Amy
very good story i loved the crossover with Spriderman. (spelled right?) anyways you did a great job congrats.

§§§ Amy Burton §§§
2/14/2002 c5 6VivaGlam
waahh! sooo good! haha, peter would make like, a totally shway dad. :) very interesting. :) more, huh?
2/10/2002 c5 18I Wrote These In High School
That was really, really good. ^_^ Total surprise on the crossover. Will there be more stories, continuing the setup? Please say there will be more... *pleading eyes* *chuckle* What can I say? I'm a sucker for well-written crossovers, especially ones featuring two of my absolute favorite cartoon/comic characters.
2/7/2002 c5 30Gaeriel Mallory
It was great! And the twist at the end-Ah! It was wonderful!
2/5/2002 c5 K. H. T
Bruce aint gonna be pleased... he never did seem to like superman all the much... this is realy cool! i NEVER EVER expected that... i'm not sure what i was expecting, but that was not it...
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