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11/17/2008 c20 Aikata
The story really is getting back on track! I'm glad the plot is getting a bit lighter...all the depression was starting to get to me. x.x GREAT JOB!
11/16/2008 c20 12Nana Potato
Lazy, you have no idea how completely, irrevocably, undeniably, SORRY I am! Words cannot express how mad I am at myself, and how bad I feel for not reviewing for SO GODDAMN LONG!


But even if you don't, I would like to tell you that I feel like a Namine right now. And Lucky Us is so my Roxas. I REALLY REALLY want to read more of Lucky Us! It's just so gosh darn awesome (another reason for me too feel bad for leaving it). And OHMYGOSH, I just love love love Namine's POV, and your style, and the characters and and and-

I'm rambling. Again, I can't express how friggin AMAZING you and this story is. I really can't.

So please, if you see me starting to drift from Lucky Us, feel free to send a virtual hammer to teh head, and scream 'HEY, THE HELL ARE YOU GOING?'

11/16/2008 c20 7SorasKey
this may be just another fangirl moment, but that sure was so 'aaw'. i can't wait for more. :)

11/16/2008 c20 4authorgal282
Wow, great chapter. Glad you could make it through your writer's block. Can't wait for the next one.
11/16/2008 c20 1superg
Gah! She better talk to Roxas.

Like, OMG she needs to. Lol.

Glad you got it figured out.

The chapter was pretty good.

I want to see more Namine/Roxas.

11/16/2008 c20 11Lebrezie

aw, i was really hoping Nic would come back into the story...but then her fone was dead. gosh darn.

anyway, her and Roxas need to make amends.

and i am really hoping it is going to be one of those really dramatic scenes.

you know, at night, outside, it is raining.

Roxas decides that he is not going back...and decides to stay there. Namine finds out about it, it is the last night...it is dark, and raining.

Axel tells her...and then she goes to Roxas room, he is not there...so she runs to um...someplace...a train station perhaps (because he is about to leave)

and he gets on it.

she runs to him...and hugs him from behind (keep in mind that it is raining) i love dramatic scenes in the rain.

he stays frozen shocked, and Namine asks (still hugging him from behind)

"what are you doing Roxas?"

Roxas turns around, almost smiling, "Shouldn't i be asking you the same question?"

Namine only says, "Dont leave Roxas"

"There is nothing left for me there...i already told my parents, everything is fine."

"Dont say that...everything is not fine."


"because...there still is something left..."

she says, trailing off then mumbles, "I will miss you."

or something, UBER dramatic like that. hehe. I WOULD LOVES IT!

anyway, UPDATE SOON! BYE! :)
11/16/2008 c20 1Tigress-Butterfly
Yay! You updated!

Ugh. Roxas is so selfish at times when he doesn't get an answer. He just doesn't know that Namine has a hard time speaking what she thinks! ;~;

Hopefully the two work some things out(and along with Riku's help!)

Glad you updated~
11/15/2008 c20 Kit-Kat-Wafer
aHH, CUTE. your writing style has changed (yet again :D) but it's still very awesome :) Haha. "No! Namine likes DARK chcolate." and shoving Riku out of the way :) (is it bad that i could picture that very easily? :d)

Hope you can update as soon as possible :D
11/15/2008 c20 10o0-The-Melodious-Nocturne-0o0
Seriously, Why do you keep putting yourself down like that!

This chapter was amazing just like ALL of the previous ones.

You are DEFFINATELY a better author than I will most likely ever be. Your stuff is freaking brilliant!

Jeez! If you don't even like it and it's still so blindingly brilliant, imagine what it'd be like if you had a little bit more confidence in your abilities.

Also, Yays Nami! You go set Rox right! they NEED a happy resolved ending! AND Go Riku! He's deffinately a good friend if he's encouraging her to make things right even tho he doesn't seem to like Rox!

Like I said, this was a FANTABULAS chapter and I can't wait to read more from you!

11/15/2008 c20 3ArtistBlue
ello there. I'm happy to see you back and writing. Your fanfic is adorable, and Namine seemed kinda...hot and bothered, but maybe that's just me. I'm also happy that Riku is being so...Riku about it instead of all angry. I can't wait to read more, and I'll try to review more often. Lovely work

11/15/2008 c20 12crystalnami
YAY! You continued! :D

Aw, this was really cute...idk WHY you think everything you write is piss; it's honestly and seriously not! :]

Dang, Namine really needs to get a grip and get some bravery! Go sort it out with Roxas already, girl! xD Bloody cowardness...:P

Please update soon!
11/15/2008 c20 Faytyn
11/15/2008 c20 SecretAgent99
I really liked this chapter and I think you writing is definitly back up to par with the rest of the story excluding that once chapter. :) Update soon!
11/3/2008 c19 11Lebrezie
no it is alright, i completly understand. and i mean at least you have the courtesy to tell your readers that you are not gonna update...i just well you know, dont update...disapear and all that jaz, and then randomly update again...

anyway...if you need any helped getting inspired again, then PM me...kk,

i love to help, and i got millions of random things in my head.

so yeah,

update soon (but only when u want to)

BYE! :)
11/2/2008 c19 nonononono Keariel
No! no no no no no! no! No no no! no! NO! i...i...just no! how? why? why? WHY?

You see what you've done! you've rendered me speechless! Mneh! How could you stop? How am i supposed to survive without your chapters? I can't go back to reading other stories! I'll die! *faints*
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