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7/16/2009 c1 ilovepuffystickers
i love the beginning of the story! its very creative!

the plot is also very interesting so far! :)
7/10/2009 c25 Lottie3
My god. that is one of the best stories i have read in ages!

there are butterflys having a party in my tummy! it was so sweet and cute! :3

Very VERY well done! :)
7/8/2009 c6 ioncewasspellbound

Roxas' a little jealous...
7/7/2009 c2 ioncewasspellbound
Yay Roxy!

Nic's an awesome OC!

Keep it up!
7/7/2009 c1 ioncewasspellbound
i luurve this!

I luurve the witty humor and Namikuness and...well, it's gonna be Namixas eventually rite?
6/3/2009 c9 Shadow1324
Wow... You really r a good writer... This story has me hooked on every twist and turn in the plot!

You think about becoming an author one day and publishig this story!
6/3/2009 c25 Icebrownie
Wow, lolx. The ending was undeniably cute.

Everything was resolved by the ending.

It is ironic that both Namine and Roxas find each other perfect and yet they find themselves full of faults. Ahh... Darn the story is over :L
6/3/2009 c20 Icebrownie
Oh yay. The Love is so back. Gosh, i missed soo many chapters.

Lolol. Namine has an apron fetish that had me giggling for quite awhile.

I thought Riku was going to be some kind of antagonist, good ting i was wrong.

More chaps to reaad 3 double hearts xD
5/28/2009 c25 Toriana

i think its only polite that i tell you about myself before i say how well your story is.

My name is Tori

i love stir fry and frequently like using the words "epic" "journey" and "Splendiferous"

although my ethnicity is mexican and salvadorean i've been called persian, asian, white, egyptian and completely random(obvious no?)

i would like to say that of all the fanfics i've read


yours was one of the best

or THE best i've ever read before

i would say more but i have to go

hope it made your day

4/13/2009 c25 294yonders
aw...i was waiting for the 20th question of roxas...wait did he ask already because if he did i wasn't able to read it.

i guess the ending was okay...but i was seriously waiting for roxas's 20th question...(:-( he said he was saving it

P.S you are so totally right, sora is so cute and huggable looking and is like a bundle of sunshine and joy walking around just spreading the happiness

P.P.S i am so glad i finished the story already...yeah!

4/13/2009 c17 94yonders
this story makes twists when you least expect it to...Ü
4/13/2009 c13 94yonders
this is so so so so so so so NICE!

its so darn swet...

the story is really wonderful though i don't think the characteristics are the same but the story is funny and touching!
3/24/2009 c25 Kristy
Extremely late, but I now know about the "time to lay claim to the evidence" part. All Time Low. They're one of the best bands in the world. :DD So yes.. when are you making your next story? :o
3/7/2009 c25 2ArmsMisery
best...fanfic...ever. Amazing. Nice job, now imma Namine/Roxas fanatic
2/18/2009 c7 1bookleaf
This is a great story! It's well written and the storyline is great! Good job!
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