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2/14/2009 c25 2Dark x Rose13
OH MY FREAKING GOSH that was so amazing!
2/12/2009 c12 Dark x Rose13
oh no . now naminé hates roxas and nics all over her gr

i dun like how this is going =[

i can't help but feel like nic is somewhat evil...i dunno why

2/11/2009 c9 Dark x Rose13
oh . suspense! haha well not really since i don't have to wait. but, gez i can't wait to see what happens (and i won't have to! yes!)

so, i just wanted to say that you're totally AWESOME and i've never met another person that uses heart like i do...like i heart you! and stuff so that makes you awesomer
2/10/2009 c5 Dark x Rose13
aw! omg i've been reading this story a bit at a time, but i thought i'd add some input to let you know that IT'S FREAKING AMAZING!

seriously, you might even turn me from a sora/naminé person to roxas/naminé just because of this story ^_^

that's how good you are! that and so much freaking more! ah i'm so glad this story's finished cuz i don't think i'd be able to stand waiting for the next chapter to come out =]
2/10/2009 c6 5brilliantliex3
wow ur so good! imma read more of ur stories after i finish this one ;)
2/7/2009 c3 2Dark x Rose13
i LOVE this storyy! ^_^

you're amazingly awesome *hugs*

i'm off to read more of the story
1/27/2009 c4 anonymous
Your story reminded me too much of Twilight. The relationship between Roxas and Namine was too much like Edward and Bella. The way you wrote the piece was too much like stephenie meyer's writing. I'm a girl so I know that ideal situations when it comes to relationships are great but when characters become or seems too perfect the story loses the sense of realism.

"It was as though his eyes were almost asking for him as they smoldered in oceans of blue."

This sentance bothered me especially since Roxas's eyes are ocean like and oceans don't smolder. It's water and smoldering is fit for fires.

I admit I have not read your whole story but please try to not write so much like stephenie meyer.I have read some of your other works and believe that those are better then this story. It is fine if you ignore this review but I do hope you will consider not writing like stephenie meyer.
1/27/2009 c25 19SaphireWaves
KYA~! U do not know how happy and fangirlly this story made me xD Omg, this is just to good *_* I LOVED EVERY PART OF IT!
1/27/2009 c25 584903753857157483672864356
OMFG! IT'S OVER? NO! I never wanted it to end, it was so WONDERFUL!

I normally would have reviewed every single chapter! But I decided to let my laziness get the better of me, and just review this chapter!

Seriously, I am AMAZED that a fanfiction this well written, and just all-in-all AMAZING even exists! I cannot say enough about how SUPERBLY WRITTEN IT WAS! And the whole plot, was just... EXCELLENT! It definitely wasn't your typical High School drama, with Namine and everyone else from KH, and possibly from FF, at the top of the food chain, and fighting off vicious packs of nerds... Okay maybe I got a little carried away at the end *hits brain*

*ahem* ANYWAYS! Seriously! I... words... just can't describe how I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Hands down, you are by far, one of the greatest writers on fanfiction!

By the way, I also am in LOVE with your 'When in France' fanfiction. Once I looked and saw that the author who wrote When in France, also wrote this one, I knew it was going to just be epic... Because everything you write is epic ^^ BUT I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS GOING TO BE THIS EPIC! I might just re-read it! Which rarely ever happens with me...

As this review is already MEGA LONG, (the longest one i have ever written... I think) I will just end it by saying:


-The Only Magical Tapeworm ^_~
1/27/2009 c25 SakuraChu
Uwah T_T; it's the end ;_; -cries- I LOVE DIS STORY T_T; Yu made me cry =( T.T x hehe

Your Stories Are So Awesome i wish i could write like yu T_T;
1/26/2009 c25 Kristy
;_; That was BEAUTIFUL! I love, love, love, love, love, etc. this story! You had me crying at the part where Roxas left Namine. Seriously. I had tears coming out of my eyes. x) Tis very beautiful. ;_; Hehe I feel like re-reading this whole story again. :) Oh and btw, for the 2nd to last paragraph for this story you wrote Time to lay claim to the evidence. Did you mean like "Time to lay down the evidence" or "Time to claim the evidence"? xD It sounds like a mix of the two. :P YAYY~! Roxas kissed Namine at the end. So sweet. :D Which part did I like the best? Every part! :D I absolutely loved this whole entire story. I really like how you describe everything so well and like not make it boring. :) Another thing I like is how the story really flows and no part is ever too slow or too fast. Oh man I can go on and on and on. :P Oh another thing I like, you put in different point of views. It really tells both sides of the story. *applause applause* :DD I'm sad to see this story has ended, but I still love it all the same. :) Btw, for your next story, I'd like to see it in first person point of view again. It really captures the emotions of the characters. :) Keep up the awesome work and I eagerly await your next story lazyafternooner. ;)
1/25/2009 c25 2KasperLassie
I absolutely love this story! It's so cute!
1/25/2009 c25 Zlegna120
awwz i just have to say this is one of the best stories ive read here on fanfiction, and im sad that it ended, but also happy about how it turned out :]

cant wait to read your other stories :D
1/25/2009 c25 6midnight-heart
that's what I call a happily ever after! awesome fanfic! phenomenal!
1/25/2009 c25 11Lebrezie
k, since this is the last chapter i figured i better make it extra great.


i am going to review, like a play by play...er well not exactly a play by play...but like intermission.

as in, i stopped reading just before the 'Six feet under' part of the story began...because to me, they seem like they were supposed to be TWO chapters (aka, me trying to prolong the end of this story)

sigh...even tho I know my attempts are hopeless (i shall STILL try) :)

anyway, so yea reviewing for the FIRST PART of this story.

you wrote this SO WELL!

wonderful job, AMAZING :]

and then when Roxas did that to her...i swear my heart broke, i mean...it really broke.

and it was just so descriptive...i felt so attached...and with them...gosh that was REALLY good.

anyway...when he was kissing her and talking in between kisses (which is really fun to do by the way)

i thought it was gonna be romantic...and then he ended it.

and call me an obsessed freak...but that really, like REALLY reminded me of New Moon...like really.

giving the girl up for her own good...even though it is really destroying her.


it is such a sad situation.


i guess if Namine is still unhappy then she can totally prove to Roxas that his whole 'Six months' theory is totally bs. yea. that is right. i said it. BS!

gr (yes, you red correctly - that is a growling sound, a big, mean, ANGRY (with Roxas) growling sound)

and i made that sound, because I am VERY ANGRY with Roxas (obviously)

i mean you CANT just KISS A GIRL...and then say 'sorry that i love you...'



anyway, but all that just made it the whole bunch better...

anyway, you BETTER you that last question Roxas has, if not...oh oh oh...i might just sue you for making this the last chapter...and or force you (oh, and i have ways...very, painful ways - I have pictures of Britney Spears...dancing...and they will make you go blind, i promise) to write another chapter.


so yea, you better not disappoint me :]

anyway (before i start what i consider to be another chapter)

i would just like to recommend this WONDERFUL book to you, it is called Marked...it is about vampires, and it is AMAZING. no lie...gosh. it is so GOOD :)

anyway, off to finish reading your story...for the last time...CRY!




(this is me reading)




(and it is taking a really long time)




(because i dont want it to end yet, so i figured the longer till i read the end)




(the more unreal the end really is)




Oh, gosh...I just read the end...

I LOVE YOU! Like to DEATH - and just to put those two together, i would give you a HUGE hug that would end up squeezing you to death. :]

i hope you are happy, because i certainly am.

oh, hang on chill for a second, i have to eat, but no worries. i will BE BACK (back again, shady's back...so tell a friend)





(this is me eating...yum, meatballs)



k, now i am BACK! (and i certainly hope you told a friend) haha

anyway, that was amazing...especially when he was playing the piano. i mean GOSH...and then when he kissed her while they were dancing.

and everything was just SO AMAZING...except well you know, for one thing...

I warned you...

...so here comes death by Britney spears...


(so here i am demanding a epilogue)

with the final question...and it being something along the lines of

"ok, one more question then," Roxas

"shoot" Namine

"do you me as much as i love you," Roxas

"even more" Namine

"impossible" Roxas


that is all you owe me...that and more WONDERFUL STORIES FROM YOU! (that will hopefully be about this wonderful pair)

anyway...for some odd reason, you just got me thinking about the way Roxas ignored her in the airport...oh gosh.

that was horrible...

and then when he was playing the piano...because he needed a DISTRACTION...

first of all PIANO (that says Edward in itself)

and then NEEDS A DISTRACTION FROM HIS LOVE (that pretty much sums it up...Roxas is an Edward fan, and as a result models himself after Edward...and apparently everything Edward does...including breaking girls hearts...

lets just focus on the fact that Roxas is an EDWARD FAN...that is right, the secret comes out (of the closet)


sorry...i just had pudding (it was the dinner dessert) and i am a little hyper...

yea...just a little...NOT

anyway, so um...THANKS SO MUCH FOR MENTIONING MY NAME...and speaking of stories...i wrote this one called Masked Love: A real fairytale...

could maybe, (JUST MAYBE) you read it...i kinda want to get a little more reviews I update again.

and no worries, i am totally going to check out that poll.

ttly, and WRITE MORE!

because i super much enjoyed this story a lot.

you are an amazing writer.


really. :)

thanks so much! :)

BYE! :)

and the last review i write for this story is about to be submitted...sad.

it was a fun ride.

BYE! :)




gosh...i just cant seem to end it.

and it is already like a million years long...wow.

i think i just measured distance in time. YES!

-points to self- this girl is officially smarter than NEWTON

-points to you- and you got to witness the smartness

-points at you (again)- and you better WISH that some of my smartness rubs off on you.

haha...i guess i should probably stop stalling with all these lies...i mean, me...smart? yea right. haha

Bush ran for re-election and won...

and if you believe that one i will tell you another one. haha

anyway, BYE! (for real)


or maybe i will just keep writing...

i guess you will never really know...

...i guess it is never really gonna end.

oh wait my sister...no she is gonna push the button...


ah! she is so strong...

i guess this is the end

BYE! ...i kdsnmfd dssdf
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