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11/13/2014 c1 Guest
First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your coworker.

This fic was very beautiful.

9/11/2008 c1 4321
so sad but i like it
8/13/2008 c1 Jessspider
Wow, a very interesting take on a direction that many don't want to see happen. If Chloe did give her life to Clark - I think this story is a wonderful way for the two of them to see each other and say goodbye for the last time - a sort of concession, consolation - many would feel that it is too painful for chloe to sacrifice her life like this - especially if it is something that Clark should forever be made to feel guilty for - I understand this point especially if it was a straight switch with no such 'in-between'. I love your story/take because I think that it would help both Clark and the audience - allow such a bittersweet event to take place and be 'coped with' by the viewers... This was beautifully imagined and very sad, but hopeful too. Difficult mix, I like.Well done.
6/18/2008 c1 Misskiss645
AWW. That was sad but beautiful! Great job! =D

6/18/2008 c1 3alwayslovingsv
Oh my, that was so sad... but I liked it. I hope you can find peace soon, without your friend scaring you. Always no, no matter what anyone says, love is closer that you think.

6/18/2008 c1 5ColleenJoy
What a lovely story, very dreamy. It's sad but sweet and done in a way that I can believe Clark will be okay instead of wounded for life. Beautiful.

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