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3/24/2020 c13 mui goku
how about serena from pokemon xy as naruto last harem girl please. and please update soon
2/1/2019 c13 DarkWolf123DX
Follow Pls
12/30/2018 c8 Naruhaku96
Now that I think about it, what is Ash doing?
12/30/2018 c7 Naruhaku96
"Because Naru-boy we understand that you and the demon are separate and only fools and hateful people would think you were one." Said Gary.

Has Gary been talking to Fukasaku and Shima?
11/9/2017 c13 21HyperA1985
I am looking forward to chapter 14 and I vote Naruto has sex with Pokemon Gardeviour.
5/13/2017 c13 COMANDO-559
Your story is great I hope and do not take long to update the next chapter because I'm dying to know what happened and how the relationship between May and Naruto developed and when Minato and Kushina find out that Jiraya lied about the death of Naruto Luck with the continuation.
5/8/2017 c13 GOLD-DRACO
la historia esta genial espero y no hallas abandonado la historia por que espero y actualices el siguiente capitulo pronto por que quiero saber que pasara suerte con la conti
5/2/2017 c13 2DARTH-KRAIX
tu historia esta genial espero y actualices pronto por que me muero de ganas por saber que pasara cunado minato y kushina se enteren que jiraiya les mintió sobre la muerte de naruto y también saber como se desarollara la relación entre naruto y may
3/21/2017 c2 GhostlyMan
fix your grammar, get the dialogue to flow a little better, and FIX the raman thing. it's raman not ranma
1/6/2017 c1 1angel901
I hope that you'll be updating this story soon as I can't wait find out what happens next in chapter 13.
12/11/2015 c7 meowy1986
Eh? why did you never mentioned why you took out flannery from narutos harem and added her to ashes? but added sabrina to naruto instead?
12/6/2015 c13 22Bahamutsoulking
I was wondering if you can put Cynthia in the harem for Naruto, and can you have Naruto catch a ground type Pokémon so he would be prepared for the gym battle against Surge in Vermillion City.
7/12/2015 c13 1yindragonkiba
5/5/2014 c13 4The Sith'ari
Can you move Flannery back to Naruto's harem and have Serena take her place for Ash's harem, and add Elesa, and Skyla to Naruto's Harem?
3/2/2014 c13 Wan
PLZ more
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