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for Seeing Stars

1/24/2021 c43 Guest
Dont read horrible story
11/8/2018 c47 ASHTAR23
good story to read even though the sailor moon craze has faded somewhat keep up the great work on the story and hope to see the last few chapters to the end
2/19/2016 c47 Guest
I love this story so much it's nice to imagine them in a different place as different people. And now the story just ended without an ending. Please come back and finish even if just one chapter!
9/1/2013 c47 Guest
This chapter is really as good as all the others. I wish you would finish this sooner than later. Maybe write something about Darien and Serena getting oscars or getting married. Just examples...
12/4/2010 c47 Cherryblossom-crystal
I love this! I didn't notice this story was updated since I haven't visited the site in so long! I really hope we get some more scenes with Amy and see Serena's agent get kicked to the curb. hehe
10/17/2010 c47 Death and Rebirth
7/9/2010 c11 dekita
You know, at first when I read both the description of the story and the genre's it was placed under, I was quite skeptical on just how the story would be an adventure if it dealt with movie shooting. However, I've been thoroughly surprised at how well this story is. I guess I should've expected this much, seeing that you are the author to The Brooch. Great job Jason! I love the story a lot. It has such great pacing, great storytelling technique, great flow, direction - in other words, its awesome. This review'll be short since I'm so anxious to read the next chapter!
7/8/2010 c9 dekita
Wow talk about a story within a story. Reminds me of some of Edogawa Ranpo's stories I studied in some asian literature classes. I hope the story keeps a good balance between the two 'stories'. I'm taking a wild guess - Jed is Jadeite? And Max is Malachite (Kunzite)?
7/8/2010 c5 dekita
This story looks really good so far. I wonder if while the story progresses, will the line that borders fictional movies from reality blur?
6/8/2010 c47 Shrouded Mist
Just saying, I've been reading this story since 2004 :P Not quite the full decade but quite a bit of it! I actually love the chapters where it flips between reality and the movie the best, but any chapter is great :)
4/19/2010 c47 rainbabie
Wow! Thanks so much for not forgetting this story! I'm excited to see how this will end :) Can't wait for the last updates!
4/13/2010 c47 kireisnowtenshi
The years I have spent on this story ...amazing lol...I'm like dying for this story to finally end. The end is near I hope.
4/2/2010 c47 James Birdsong
Okay you did really well
4/2/2010 c47 misako
great as always, but please put more of serena and darien in the story not jack and diane pretty plea
4/1/2010 c47 1Ducks-Go-Aflack
Wow Jason- I honestly thought you have abandoned this story. I am thus happily surprised that you have proven me wrong.

However, it's still a measly 3-4k words; something a determined writer could belt out in 12 hours, much less 12 months.

But it's free, and on your free time, so I really shouldn't complain. You can make it up by finishing the story- and I guess if not anytime soon, at least finishing it at all would be nice...

Now, with my honest opinion out on the table, do you think I was too harsh in my wording?
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