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1/12/2002 c19 Kiwi
ooh more pronto! :)
1/12/2002 c19 Kiwi
ooh more pronto! :)
1/12/2002 c19 curli
Man Jack's going to have a hard to with whoever going to kill him. Diane's got some explaning to do. I wonder what Serena's going to do about Darien. Keep up the good work and write more when you can.
1/7/2002 c18 3Rose Asali
I enjoyed it! It was an original idea, and even though it might not have been directly started by you, it was continued in an interesting way. I just HATE it that the last chapter I'm up to is a cliffhanger...but all of the story was like that. It was interesting and it kept me in suspense, which I like. Keep it up!
12/30/2001 c18 jellibean2400
i just want you to know that you are the only male that can write good fanfics about sailormoon, that i've seen so far keep up the good work!
12/28/2001 c18 Li-chan
This is one of the best fics I've read so far, Update as soon as you can! ^_^
12/28/2001 c18 5Silver Running Water
i iluv this story! u better hurry up or i'll get mad :( heehee
12/27/2001 c18 madtvk
wowie. its great how we get a sneak peak. i cant wait. :)
12/15/2001 c17 anonymous
I love this story, you have got to get the next chapter out, soon!
11/18/2001 c17 me
tres bien, and soooooooooo original!111more soon, please~!
11/17/2001 c17 3star0704
That was cool. I couldn't write a movie and do a story. I would mix it up. That was a real turn when you made Serena mean and stuff. Please continue!
11/17/2001 c17 Kiwi
this story is great. im readin' this instead of doin my hw. :)
11/17/2001 c17 Eternitynot signed in
*applauds* Very good. I like this story. Very different way to get Darien and Serena together... if that is where this story is leading.
11/3/2001 c1 12KaBunny
OMG! Ur story is soooo kawaii...I find it very interesting and I hope you write more soon...I'll be sure to tell all my friends about it so they read it too!
10/24/2001 c15 SilverRunningWater89
this is sooo good! i luv it! please continue!
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