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for Seeing Stars

10/20/2001 c1 KaBunny
ooooo...munch, munch very original...I like I like! bounces off walls
10/20/2001 c15 Jupiters Crystal
I think your story is really good and I hope you put more up SOON!
10/19/2001 c15 Amande-chan
Well, except for the few spelling mistakes I spotted(bad bad Becker journalism habit...) it was pretty good, good plot line for a movie too, but the whole uh...thing...the way...hmmm...hard to describe...the way people talk, they talk like teenagers...they talk like me and my friends, well, almost, and that's scary. Anyways finish it, or atleast keep writing I'd like to see what happens. ~*Journalists do not worship their editor they worship their spell checker*~ ~*~AMANDE-CHAN~*~
10/19/2001 c15 Lulu
I think this is absolutely a magnificent fic! it is suberbly written and the author has skill. its got a very unqiue story line and nice use of characters. I hope that the next chapter is out soon.
10/19/2001 c15 ying zero not signed in
Great story! Although, you might want to pick up the pace a little. I enjoyed reading it though, and continue writing!
10/17/2001 c2 SilverRunningWater89
this is soooo cute! i luv
10/17/2001 c14 30Sorceress aKa Called Death
Wow, so far so good! I like alot
10/17/2001 c1 Guest
plz continue
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