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2/5/2005 c40 anonymous

I will luv you very much if you do, even more than i luv ur story!
1/22/2005 c40 2Callista Wolfwood
Nice, it took me a while to get through all your chapters but in the end it was totally worth it... I can't wait to read the next chapter
12/22/2004 c40 12Satori Blackthorn
Hi there, I am totally loving this story and I feel bad that I haven't reviewed before. I like how the two stories complement each other, I actually find that I don't prefer one above the other, something that isn't common with me. I'm looking forward to the next update, hope it's soon!

Satori Blackthorn
11/6/2004 c40 ClaimingUntouchable
hey love this story hope u can write more very soon
10/25/2004 c40 rc
The story is good, but your pacing is terrible. The actions goes far too slowly in both the movie and the "real life". Most people who write on go too fast, but you definitely have the opposite problem. You need to speed up the plotline - you're already at chapter 40, and not all that much has happened. You have some parts of the plot that are just beginning to unravel. You either need to make this less complicated or find a way to say less about everything.
10/24/2004 c40 102Rakusa
I like it and all, but WAY too many chapters, lets move it along, shall we?
7/23/2004 c39 Amine
*sniff sniff* typed u a whole long-@$$ comment nd it went bai-bai...hope it got submitted tho...anywayz...i dont wanna type dat whole speech i had 4 2 make long story done wif ur whole story(wellz...wat u'v got written so far) in 2-3 dayz...hope it lasted a week but it waz so interestin i couldnt stop readin...nd i juz cant wait 4 da next chapter(or chapterz) 2 cum(hehe...i realized u tend 2 extend ur chapterz...which ish GREAT btw...dont get me wrong)...till next imma chk out other storyz of urz
7/16/2004 c39 2Hitomi Kumiko
Col! Update! ^.~
7/15/2004 c39 GoddessSerenity
EK ur such a good writer. Moonsong is to! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ UPDATE! ur storys so good i've been up from 10 pm to 2:11 am to finish the chapters. i barely find THAT good of storys so plz update soon.
7/14/2004 c39 ClaimingUntouchable
hey love this chapter hope u can write more very soon
3/31/2004 c38 2cristal25
say 'this is my resturant' huh? update soon
3/18/2004 c38 ClaimingUntouchable
hey love this chapter hope u can write more very soon i just really want to find out what darien does to siaya sorry spell the name wrog
3/17/2004 c33 ClaimingUntouchable
hey tlove this chapterhope u write more soon
3/16/2004 c38 krys
o..hehe..its going so good so far! i cant wait until u update again! i wonder whats going to happen in the next chapter?..what will seiyas reaction be towards darien and dariens reaction towards seiya..heh..well hope u update soon!
3/16/2004 c31 ClaimingUntouchable
hey love this chapter hope u can write more soon
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