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3/16/2019 c1 3romabeachgirl
I truly believe that in a twenty minute challenge you precisely captured Rhett Butler. He thinks he is done with his wife but I always got the sense that he wasn't or wouldn't be for long. Scarlett is his home. This was both sad and poignant and beautifully written. Thanks for sharing.
5/7/2011 c1 3BlaqueCat13
Ya know what? Rhett's description of Charleston could also be applied to Scarlett. No wonder he always went back...she was "home".
2/5/2010 c1 26greencyanide
It's so melancholic... just like it should be.( after i read gwtw, i had a disgusting feeling, rhett butler was really unscathed by all of this and moving on. scarlett restored my peace =])
6/15/2009 c1 14Pimpernel Princess
Well done-very poetic.
1/1/2009 c1 87Quatre-sama
"Against my will, I have become one of those men that survived the battlefield that is life and now long for the world I knew before I charged headlong into the fray."

That is quite possibly my favorite line because it makes me think of the final conversation between Scarlett and Rhett, when she's analyzing Ashley and Rhett almost comes to his defense. I think this kind of sentiment is a wonderful observation, and helps to understand Rhett's shifting positions.

I like little one-shots like this, and I'm glad to have read it!
6/19/2008 c1 Laura
So beautiful. I loved it. (and I love stories from Rhett's POV...maybe you should re-write RBP? ;)
6/19/2008 c1 2djeanne
Beautifully written, very Rhett-like. Please continue.
6/19/2008 c1 The MW
I wish I could crank out something this good in 20 minutes. Whew.

"I love her for her vitality, her changing and yet constant beauty, her determination in the face of tragedy and her readiness to rise in times of prosperity."

Ah, subtle. He could very well be speaking of Scarlett.
6/19/2008 c1 BBGWTWLUV1
awesome as always but anything you write has the right balance of emotion that what make it a joy to read keep up the great storytelling and know atleast this reader will appreciate anything you offer thanks
6/19/2008 c1 33ColorOfAngels
excellent first person character study ;P

next week at this time I can tell you that in person :D
6/18/2008 c1 2Smart Lady
I am in love with your writting. Wish I could it write like this.
6/18/2008 c1 BonnieBlueTwo
An incredible read!

You captured the essence of Rhett Butler's thoughts and feelings in this wonderful piece of writing. Loved reading every word! Please update FTE soon, it's my favorite FanFics!
6/18/2008 c1 Tipper
What a great one shot Corn. I thought it was a very good representation of Rhett's feelings about coming home. Will you do more?
6/18/2008 c1 50PrincessAlica
What a womderful anaylsis of Rhett's character. Very true at the end of GWTW
6/18/2008 c1 Kelly Melly
OMGosh! That last line broke my heart! You showed us in just six words all of the turmoil in Rhett's heart and mind and this point in time. I always said that Rhett was going through mid-life crisis when he left Scarlett. It sounds silly but think about everything that he said to her when he left! I believe that this mirrors perfectly his emotions in the novel and is written proof of my theory! Thank you for unknowingly becoming my allie in this! That is why I have always felt that Rhett would come back to Scarlett and they would live happily ever after! Because they both realize at the same time the meaning of life and how fragile and short it is... :)

In this short little essay, I believe that you stayed true to Rhett's character and expressed his feelings more perfectly than in any fanfic or story I have ever read.

Incredible... :)
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