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for lost friend

3/19/2014 c5 29CatLover444
Very Sweet!112222222222222222222222222
3/30/2013 c4 1mattmarshall1000
Holy fuck that was amazing
3/30/2013 c3 mattmarshall1000
Grammar could use some work but your making progress good job .
3/30/2013 c2 mattmarshall1000
Try to slow down you rust to much
3/29/2013 c1 mattmarshall1000
Hmm NIce but the ending could use some work
8/5/2012 c5 narusakufano1
very good i think that there could be a little more story then just mindless killing and fucking lol
6/20/2011 c5 1DawnRiver
really good i like it
8/25/2010 c5 1Wildheart21
I think that you should continue. Also look for a story called narumon. it is M rated and already has a couple of lemons in it. only two chapters have been posted to this point. I will post another in a couple of days probably
7/1/2010 c4 20reconghost5
wow... that was a little graphic
3/10/2010 c5 mugel90
That was only your second lemon! O_O It was fucking amazing! One of the best I ever read! (And trust me, I read a lot) I really enjoyed this lemon. And I think you should continue this story in the future. I think it would be hilarious if she got pregnant and freaked out lol. Anyway, I have said what I feel with 100% honesty. Awesome job on this story so far ^.^
3/2/2010 c5 reconghost5
u should continue! its an amazing story
2/28/2010 c5 CrazyNaruSakuFan
the LEMON was so hot, can i have one more please :)
2/19/2010 c4 CrazyNaruSakuFan
great story man, keep it UP :)
2/19/2010 c4 mugel90
Man, I waited forever for this, and I gotta say, it was worth it, great chapter. Very well done. Can't wait for the next one :D Also, if you like NaruSaku, check out the stories I have on Deviant Art, my two accounts there are mugel90 and NekoX90
4/11/2009 c3 mugel90
I love it. It has comody, drama, and I sense a lemon. Please more. You have my email cause I sent you a message, so please let me know when four is out. :)
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