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for Friends: Book 1

11/12/2014 c9 17Kitty Katrona
This is an amazing story! You should TOTALLY work on it more!
9/9/2010 c9 silently-regrets
hehe i didnt know kaito didnt like fishes. keep it up! :)
8/16/2008 c1 9KSA Key-chan
*giggle* You, that reminds me of the fanfic I started about six, almost seven years ago. I also had two teenage girls that got stuck with Detective Conan and Magic Kaito, but the other stories were Pokemon, YuGiOh, DragonBallZ, Golden Sun, Fire Emblem, and I think even was fun, but I gave up on it quite a while ago. Kept the characters for my new stories though.

Why I didn't stick to the fic? was starting to get very long. Had I put it online, it would be worth 100 chapters or something, all with at least 10 words (10 words, 100 chapters : you do the math)

It's looks cool, but since I don't know all the charas of the story it's a bit confusing for me, I guess I might need to stop here. Good luck with future writing ;)
8/16/2008 c2 11Em Phantom
Hey! Sorry for not proofreading (or contacting you in any way...). I actually have a valid excuse. My laptop was having problems, and it wasn't responding correctly. But luckily, my dad fixed it last night. (I hope...)... Oh, since I've been immensely bored (when I wasn't reading the first Maximum Ride book, that is) I've been writing...and doing math...and writing...and writing some more.

So I took a look at my other document thing-a-ma-bobs for this story series thing, and I started writing in the one that is my personal one that comes after book 2, and i had my character have this big emotional break down-thing, and it was so much fun to write!

Yeah...that's pretty much been what I've done this past week. Oh, and I spontaneously got an account on FictionPress. That's kinda eventful too...

Ja ne!

6/24/2008 c1 8Kyuuki-sama
*giggle* This is fun. Keep writing.

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