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for Misunderstanding

6/27/2015 c9 Toukia
Final chapter, where are ya?
I'm laughed hard at chapter 9. Seriously, Matsumoto and her schemes really makes my day. :) Hope you upload the last chapter. Please? Thanks.
10/13/2014 c9 Guest
Update soon please.
8/23/2008 c9 19Hiroen Nnir

I loved the shinigami cup! so cute! but it needs more HitsuRuki hahah j/k!
8/21/2008 c9 9mininjas
plz update agen soon!
8/21/2008 c9 greenpeppers
haha Blossom-chan!Great chapter!I had a good laugh![= baldy flirting with Renji LOL That was awesome!You totally made my day!=)

Your Friend,

8/17/2008 c8 mininjas
plz update agen soon!
8/12/2008 c8 greenpeppers
OMG Ichii had to fight Rukia!=O cant wait for the next battle Ichii VS. SHIRO!Great chapter!cant wait till the next!
8/6/2008 c6 vbaby22
Loved this chapter. i never would have thought everyone would be on it! That was great...and very cute when Ichigo confessed!
8/6/2008 c3 vbaby22
Nice chapter again...I laughed so hard when Ichigo sneezed when Renji was talking about him, classic. :P
8/6/2008 c2 vbaby22
Aw! So sad!. I'm off to chapter 3!
8/5/2008 c7 emo1girl
too lazy to sign in xD

AHH BLOSSOM-CHAN!Great chapter!LOL!KEigo is so dramatic lol I loved Kon and Keigos scenes LOL!Grreat Job!cant wait till the next update =)
7/25/2008 c6 None
that waas cute it was so damn touching
7/24/2008 c6 1Izumi Rules
muahahahaha XD so I was right! It was a trick n_n but they fell for it =P that is the important thing =P can't wait till the next chapter! udpate soon!
7/24/2008 c6 greenpeppers
OMG LOL!that was AWESOME!I didnt see that coming!haha wow!AWESOME!Great Job!=]
7/23/2008 c5 SuperRukia
RUN STRAWBERRY! RUN! by the way, you portray all the characters so TO YOU! you're hilarious!
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