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10/22/2016 c1 39Riene
Nicely done; two sides to the story using the same theme.
1/2/2013 c1 17Thegoblinqueen1998
:((((( that hurt to read.
But it was great
6/29/2008 c1 2Phantom's Destiny
Brava! Brava! Brovicima!
6/28/2008 c1 7Dorryen Golde
Ok, the main reason I am reviewing is to comment on your profile, since I don't think there's an actual option for that.

But first, this story. Beautiful writing, just like all your other fics. Lovely description. I especially like the phrase, "raped by the blackness that shrouds my own". Amazing.

Now, about your profile. I absolutely agree with you on EVERYTHING. Hell, I wish I could just claim your profile as my own, because my views are exactly the same as yours. You just expressed them more eloquently and humorously than I ever could. Believe it or not, I am actually jealous of your profile.

All right. Enough of my ranting. I'm going to read the rest of your fics now.
6/25/2008 c1 hicdracones
This is beautiful.
6/22/2008 c1 7bwayphantomrose
This is a beautiful piece of emotional work. You took an unexplored subject and tackled it with intelligence, passion, and most of all, IN-CHARACTERness. Thank you for that.

Both of your characters musings are haunting and very true; I just cannot explain to you how wonderful this really is. Have you ever studied pychology?

A very original and heart-breaking oneshot. I see you have similar oneshots that focus on character's feelings? I'm off to check them out right now...
6/22/2008 c1 11BleedingHeartConservative
Is this a one-shot? I think it's perfect as it stands. You could do more with it, but you risk tainting its pure beauty as you've created it thus far. It captures the sorrow and the frustration and the passion incredibly. I wouldn't change a single thing.
6/21/2008 c1 Angel1256
beautiful! please continue.
6/21/2008 c1 6DP1014
Its short but theres something and I have no idea what it is but I like it.

As to "she is perfection" yea on the outside she may seem like the perfect physic but I belive perhapes she never got the lesson on growing up. Thats a really bad explaiation let me explain. She was around what age in the book 16? well she had no real parental figure to help guide her to adulthood so mentaly she was at a younger age than she was and looks to be. I think perhapes she was getting at the age where you start to mentaly mature.

I feel pity for her since she just didnt have the maturity to decide though dont get me wrong she has intelligence.

Why I am saying this now I dont know but it somehow just came to me.
6/21/2008 c1 7JuliaChthonia
thats so sad, but true...great work

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