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10/16/2020 c11 Guest
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9/13/2012 c3 steve
he basically told her that her decision was rash and selfish, becouse it was and could put clark in danger, how wouldshe feel if clark got kill becouse of kara. and if she start lying to clark then why should he trust her.
11/10/2010 c12 10SECUREZONEICON
4/25/2010 c10 8whatweareafreaidof
very good story.

She faked her murder and Luthor could have been sent to the electric chair for it

it hard to attack lana for that, lex has commited first degree murder many times, two he said i will never let you leave, so she had no choice, if a person run away form a housband that beat her and has to fake her death to do it does that make them bad..

what funny is chloe is just like lana now, doing what need to be done, lieing to clark, and breaking any rule she wants,

very good story.
1/2/2009 c12 7LizzieG3
Hey great story. I thought you portrayed each character very realistically as to how they are in the show. Their actions were all very believeable, and you were able to give them more substance then they are often given. I loved your illusration of the Chloe/Clark friendship. They are more then friends, and in that you showed that there is a fantastic base for what could lead to a great love with each other. I am interested about the storyline between MM and Chloe and how that came to be as well as what Lois knows yet has forgotten. Great job and I look forward to reading other stories.
10/10/2008 c12 3emzily
Hey Excel Aunt,

I reaaly loved your story! I'm with you on your end notes about the chlark thing and how without the lana obsession clark could quite possibly see her through different eyes. I was a bit sad that we didnt get more of chlark in the final chapter but him allowing her to tell if she wanted was genious - coz its so true that she never would, not for her own gain, she puts clark above everybody even herself - it would be hard enough for her to protect clark (as shes always prone to do - shes sort of his hero) with lana knwing let alone someone else;)

Anywho, thort id just mention the story was genious with the pair bond thing and Kara actually having a clue for once.


P.S. I was thinking about writing a story based on Lexmus - but how clark could go into that future and be with chloe and actually figure out thats what he actually wants (after being all confused and jealous of the lex/lana thing for a while). Any thoughts you have would be much appreciated as i really like how you write these characters;)
10/10/2008 c12 93Lara-Van
Fabulous! I LOVE it! The Martian Manhunter move is something I had in mind for one of my own fics!

I love your story, it ended perfectly. I put aside my disdain for all things non-Clois just for this fic. You had something really special here, and so I temporarily embraced Chlark, just for this one story.


Anyway, it was fabulous. Kara was fabulous. Chloe was amazing (as always). Lois was her usual stunning and brilliant self. Clark was... Clark. Everything that Season Seven SHOULD have been but wasn't. Great job!
9/25/2008 c11 Yes i have returned the one wh
I liked chapter ten but i felt that it was missing something, perhaps more jimmy chloe interaction, i dont know i think that adding them to the chapter might have put a bit more spice to it, but i liked. specially liked the whole chloe detective thing i hope lana gets hers in this fic, i cant stand the over sweet attitude that lana had when she came back from the dead,or clark is blind acceptance of her actions.

Chapter 11, i kind of feel bad for chloe and am a bit angry at clark, it seem that he is putting all the preasue on chloe and wants to have both her and lana, as if asking chloe to be the side girl and lana the main one, and the lois kara LOL, i could definetly see it happening, i love it i cant wait what will happened when lois wakes up.

plz udate soon and great job once more really like this fic, i hope you update soon, update! Lol
9/24/2008 c11 Lara-Van
I really hope you heal this rift you've made between Kara and Lois. Lois is such a great person, but she's awful when she's wasted. Kara HAS to realize that...

I LOVE the Chlark! I love it! Just goes to show you, Chlark is ALMOST as good as Clois! And I agree, the way they've set this up, with Chloe having a meteorified-heart and the eternity thing that goes with her power (speaking of which, given the turn of events in the season eight premier, does she even still have it or did Brainiac drain her of her power?), she very nearly would be an ideal girl for Clark. She's a perfect blend of Lana and Lois, the best of each. But... I still stand by Lois Lane.

I will, however, remember how much I always loved Chloe for the duration of this brilliant fic of yours! It brings out all the beautiful things that Chloe should have been last season, but wasn't because the writers of the show decided that they needed even MORE angst than what Clark was practically radiating. Gr... I HATED the writing team all last season. But the new producers and a few more new faces on the team promise good things...

Fantastic, keep it up, I can't wait to see how it all ends up for our favorite superhero and his unfortunate cousin. (Ooh, wanna bring in the Antimonitor and kill off Kara? No, no I wouldn't ask you to do that, it would just be CRUEL to all of us Supergirl fans out there...)
9/21/2008 c11 7absolutleyfabulous
this was a great chapter. I simply loved it! I can't wait for the next one!
9/21/2008 c10 93Lara-Van
Oh, I agree, the whole what-the-hell-is-Chloe's-power thing really bothers me too.

Love it, can't wait for your update!
9/21/2008 c10 7absolutleyfabulous
oh I am so loving this story. I couldn't believe that the ten chapters were already gone by the time I got to the end. Please please update soon. I really enjoy this story.
9/20/2008 c9 93Lara-Van
Ooh, Kara's off to LA? Fun!

I can't wait to see where you take this! It's got the potential to be awesome. I love the idea of Lois as Kara's close friend and confidante... that's how it is in Action Comics (the ORIGINAL superhero comic, still going strong after seventy years!). Kara and Lois are practically best friends for all the age difference between them... Of course, Clark and Lois are together in that, which (in my mind, anyway) makes it all the better. But you're a Chlarker, I get that. And Chloe is amazing, so I'll give you that one.

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