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for betrayal

7/13/2008 c3 3sakura saya
I wan to see mikan and mark together not natsume
7/5/2008 c3 2KMarielle09
wow! that's my favorite! final fantsy 10 and final fantasy x-2...

i hope mikan has a copy of that alice too...then she'll use it...then she'll sing...

update faster please...

update update update
7/4/2008 c3 EFFYOU

can't wait til yo update (wow that rhymes ^^)
7/4/2008 c3 IdeasforPenName
Please update soon ^-^

I wonder if Mikan and Natsume will be together or Mikan and Mark?
7/4/2008 c3 1Miss Mingxi
omgomgomg! i LUVED this chappie!~ ^_^heeheehee keep up the awesome work~ yay youichi-san finally found his older sister! ^^
6/28/2008 c2 EFFYOU
aw3som3 chapter update when you get back ^^
6/28/2008 c2 angelji
waa! its soo nice! you know wat mark is the same name of my love interest kyaahh! lolz i love dis story hoope you would update sonn! XD
6/28/2008 c2 4Lobaa
Hm its a little choppy but good so far.
6/28/2008 c2 Yukairi
When are mikan and ruka going to meet up with natsume and hotaru againT_T? And I hope the pairings are natsumexmikan and rukaxhotaru^^
6/23/2008 c1 EFFYOU
very confusing

but none the less very good!
6/22/2008 c1 angelji
nice story! aw so sad for natsume/hotaru..they were hypnotized/controlled..aw..hehe nice chapter hope you would update soon! XD
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