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9/2/2018 c1 WO9UY
Veri n1c30YNst0rid6
6/24/2009 c1 The Sora-muffin
Aw! This is so cute~! Out of all the stories I've read where Neuro and Yako have kids, this is the cutest. Good job!

7/21/2008 c2 deactivated-yami2
XD This is so cute! I loved it. :D I bet you could keep going with this one, doing all the landmark moments of a growing child's life. Like 16 years, middle school, first day of high school, first crush... (which would be hilarious I'm sure). Anyway, awesome the way it is, excellent if you decide to continue. :D
6/22/2008 c2 5USWeasilgirl
XD, you should have the boys play murderer and detective... i mean, cops and robbers... and the girls can play dress up or play barbie goes to jurrasic park! ( i loved that game when i was a kid. hehehe headless barbie)
6/22/2008 c1 USWeasilgirl
hm chaos and mayhem... sounds like your average demonic family to me! its good keep it up!
6/22/2008 c2 3kkmeow
lol i loved it! the children are so cute and i could see some like that happening with Neuro as a father. I think you did a greart job... i actually wouldn't mind reading more.
6/22/2008 c2 3Anurila
Haha, normally I wouldn't enjoy these kind of stories since... well I'm not a very big fan of cheesiness but the kids are just so very adorable in this story so it's difficult NOT to get pulled in. The entire family is very endearing with the way you portrayed them. Warmed my heart right up. Might I make a suggestion or two?

-Yako and Neuro potty training their kids ( oh yes.. hell on earth definitely)

-Neuro and Yako when Yako was in labour

-when the daughters decide to get more friendly with members of the opposite sex in their class( boyfriends, yes, preschoolers are capable.. just like my cousin) hell ensues when Neuro caught a whiff
6/22/2008 c2 SahaROCK
Hahahahaha! This is funny and sweet)

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