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8/21/2010 c5 Raven Logan
Thats NOT cool. Your writing is Supeburb. That flamer has ABSOLUTELY no idea what theyre talking about.

Dear flamer,

While most of those things MIGHT be true, st

ereotypes are still WRONG. I'm Texan but I don't live on a farm, I'm country and I dont sleep with my brother or any other male Family member. I know a ginger, Hes a good man. I know a blonde and she's one of the smartest people I know. My friends and I went to band camp,yet we still have our virginity. I'm white and I see NO point in hating people for being different. Some of my best friends are mexican. I'm German and Hitler was an EVIL man, responsible for over 1,000,000,000 deaths of innocent people. And not just Jews. Old people,cripples,and others who werent PERFECT in Hitler's Quest for a perfect race were sent to Prisoner camps where they were sent to work and die. So what? I know a Gay man man actaully, and NONE of them have AIDS. Im on Welfare because my parents are divorced and my dad can barely afford the Child support because he gave on college for love of my mother. So you know what flamer? FUCK YOU. Stereotypes are wrong. And your either a Modern Nazi, or A desendant of Hitler. either way, I dont care.
4/5/2010 c5 madison
i for one LOVED the story and found nothing wrong with it. and that flamer TOTALLY did not know what he was talking about.keep on writing cause i want to read more.YOU ROCK AND SO DO YOUR STORIES.oh,and i love your username
11/24/2008 c5 Ambi-lou
aw that's just mean. Ignore it - people like that are a little bit funny in the head. I just read your story and I think its brilliant so far - don't let these strange people get to you.

Keep it up.

11/2/2008 c5 4Geeky13
That is such a horrible thing for someone to write!

On a happier note, I love your story, and hope that you continue.
10/26/2008 c5 6AngelofMusic1899
DO NOT listen to the flamer. Your username is funny. Your stories are AWESOME! I laughed a lot at the drabbles, and your other stories are great.You shouldn't have cried. Everyone else loves your stories. The Jones Drabbles are really good .You should definitely continue.
10/2/2008 c5 24Owl Emporium
Wow...I mean, Hitler might have done all that good stuff, but that person turned a complete blind eye to what the terrible things he did. He massacred, totured, and WHAT IS THIS ABOUT LEAVING THE ISRAEL JEWS ALONE? Is that suppose to be seen as a kind and generous act? He did that while he was killing a million jews on the side! Hah! Anyways, that was SO steriotipical! Gah...can't even spell... ANYWAYS, that person is stupid...and I love your writing! It's short, but very funny. (: Update soon, but make them a little longer? Maybe, 200-400 words (just the writing, no author's note). That seems to be a better length...but who am I to talk? My drabbles are like 100 xD.


Sorry, but I'm pissed.
9/3/2008 c5 MontyPythonFan
Flipping hell! I'm pretty sure you were justified in feeling upset. Please ignore the idiot that 'reviewed' your fic. If they couldnt see that sometimes its necessary to incorporate "stereotypical" views into fics in order to create (or in this case maintain) realistic and defining characters - which, I'm pretty sure is a major part of writing - then what right have they to think they can comment and be taken seriously? I like the various little moments youve created :-D They're well written and the characters spot on and I really hope your not put off by one, ignorant reviewer.


8/10/2008 c5 4Bellatrixdragoste
thats horrible! just ignore it and don't let it get to you too much. that person should also of done more research becasue Hitler was a horrible person, but maybe hes a hitler worshiper or something. just keep writing because i like your story and i think your author name is cute.
8/10/2008 c5 Reyan
Your flamer needs to do his research.

1. Hitler was NOT kind to women. They were still part of the Holocaust, right? In fact, he couldn't get to them. He was so perverted that they all went away from him. He had an affair with his SISTER'S daughter.

2. He killed six million Jews. Just because he didn't kill a certain type means he's good? Geez.

3. Hitler's Mom died of breast cancer, which is why he started up the foudation, if he did at all. (I've never heard of that)

4. He liked children because they worshipped him. "Hitler's Youth" was their name.

5. Not that Stalin or any of them were good, but I'm pissed at your flamer and want to point things out.

-Stalin ended WWII. If not for Russia, Nazi Germany would've taken forever to fall.

-Mao made China a major world power

-Jong il started up the Sunshine Policy, which encouraged North-South Korean relations

-Pol Pot tried to calm border disputes with Vietnam.

-Castro never fired on the US, did he? (Cold War)

Seriously, no one is PURE evil. No. one. They could have killed millions of people, but they did at least ONE good thing.

6. Um, most gays do NOT have AIDS. Your flamer can't make a blanket statement like that. How does he know?

7. Most Indians do not own convenience stores. Once again, you need numbers to back that up.

8. Yet again, you need numbers for the black people thing. Your flamer is the stupidest person I've heard of. For one thing, how can you say that when you don't consider countries such as Africa and South America? And even if there is a high percentage of black people on welfare (there's also a good percentage of white people) it doesn't mean that ALL of them are.

8.Does crying get you anywhere? No. You're just giving in to what he wants. And hopefully this review shows you how idiotic he is. If you want you can make this review a chapter and post it so that hopefully the flamer will read it and realize how wrong he is. (It may be a she, but I'm just saying he for the heck of it.)I'm fully prepared to back up my arguements.

9. Only you can decide if your pename is stupid. Just because the flamer doesn't like it doesn't mean you don't have to.

10. Your flamer wasn't even brave enough to put his real name, just an emoticon. I'm not putting my own name so he doesn't flame me back, though. If you want, I can tell you my real penname in a PM.

11. Everyone gets a flame at least once in their life. Heck, J.K. Rowling was thought to be a devil-worshipper. A good writer is not measured by what good reviews they get, but by the bad ones, and how they react to that. If you just cry, you get nothing done. If you laugh at how idiotic his statements are than you can move on and post another chapter.

12. I would love to talk with your flamer. He makes me laugh.

13. Whatever you do, KEEP the stereotype thing on your profile, and KEEP writing. Otherwise you're giving him what he wants. People like him just want to watch the world burn.

14. I want to read your story, so I would appreciate it if you posted soon.
8/10/2008 c5 29Abbie Zap
Dude, dont listen to the ass who wrote that flame. Your FF's are interesting, and your pen name is awsome. Maybe you should have put up a warning to let people know that you dont stereotype. you know, as a precaution. Not that I blame this all on you, whoever wrote that is a real asshole, but the next time (If there is a next time) you put something up like that, you should put a warning.
8/9/2008 c5 10FuzzySlipper19
I want to know who said that.
8/9/2008 c1 Guest
Your username is so fucking stupid it isn't funny, your fanfiction is pretty much below mediocre, and you don't even fucking respect people for the fanfiction they right. If that atheist could type, he can write all the Jesus/Hitler yaoi he fucking wants to.

And worst man in history? How fucking stupid are you?

Hitler was the first man to create the first breast and lung cancer foundations, he was kind to women and never saw them as sex objects, everyday he would stop his work for a few minutes to pay attention to his dog Blondi, He left the Israel Jews alone, he loved children and animals and tried to keep the German people from smoking.


Name ONE good thing that Stalin, Mao, Jong il, Pol pot, or Casto did for his people.

Are those viens popping in your forehead yet, getting pissed off for no reason? Mad just because I'm right? :)

Stereotypes exsist because it's something that people actually do. Most Gays DO have aids, Most Indians DO own convenience stores, and most black people ARE on welfare. The term "Stereotype" is just used to make people fell better about what they do.

Grow a sense of humor that isn't incapacitated and moronic and get the fuck over the world, it take all kinds to make a world, ALL kinds.
6/30/2008 c4 30moonlightbear
here's an idea(since most of yours are like father has something, but son has something simlar)::

bull whip, switch(sp?) blade

and then other funny stuff...

mutt's bike

mutt's comb

school between the boys(though that should be the last one you should do)

indy in the fridge

indy and shorty

ok i can't think of any more but i gave you a good start! now where's my butterbeer! or better yet firewhiskey!hah i'm not a minor! lol...

i wish you'd update before you came to my state :) i like your little drabbles they're fun!
6/30/2008 c4 FuzzySlipper19

Omg! I just thought of an idea, just as I got up from the computer! For another chapter of this story, you could have Mutt deciding that he wants to someday be like Indiana Jones, as in carry on the... legacy, or whatever the correct word would be. And then you can either leave it at that, or have Indy's reaction. Then maybe, just maybe, you can add a sequel! The sequel can take place in the future, and it can be Mutt's first adventure! Did you understand that? Hope so! If you have any questions, just call me. Can I have my chocolate and Firewhiskey now?

luv ur bff,

6/30/2008 c4 FuzzySlipper19
Hey, Alice! I don't think you should update on this story - it's pretty much summed up. It would be... drabbly to continue it. However, if I have any ideas for you to write, I'll definately let you know!

Love ur bff,

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