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for Naruto: Reversified!

3/9/2011 c2 Aiseki0Hikari
Omfg! This is just soo hilarious! Man soo friggin funny! Hahahaha f!ck inalmost die! My stomach hurt thnx to ur story! Lmao xD This is one parallel Universe! It will be more epic if the 'original' naruto crew meet this naruto Over O.C.C! Sasuke soo retarded! Lolz Naruto still suck but Cool and emo-ish! Ooh~ I lov Iruka! I love him in this story! Lolz he fail a effin student just bc of a stupid comment! I soo crack when he said tht 'he want to be a lawyer' hahaha I was like WTF? Soo funny! Sasuke soo Baka when he ask wat have become to make naruto Emo! Duh! Cuz everyone (almost) hate him! Geez talk about retard! And heyy did the massacre happen? I bet When Itachi met Sasuke now he will piss his pants from laughing too much!

R.I.P Uchiha Itachi - Being a loving smexy, hawtie missing nin! For killing ur clan except ur teme little bro! For being addicted to pocky (Like me) ..Even now u smile ..even when ur already died. Ready to be buried! Die from laughing so much! Blame his retarded lil'bro. U die like Most ppl do in Batman bc of Joker. 'Why so serious?'

Lmao xD can't wait till next chapter! Soo major O.C.C ! Who knew Naruto could be so emo! Haha What about Ino? Will this be: Yaoi, Harem, or just one regular pairing? Anyways plz hurry up n update soon.. Enough. Ja
4/18/2010 c2 EvilPopcorn
I really loved the story so far! A lot of other stories I read like this had basically just switched the name Naruto for Sasuke and vise-versa. I love how you still had Naruto being useless-ish but emo-ish! And Sasuke smart but...cheerful!
2/17/2009 c1 r
you like pokemon?
10/6/2008 c2 Rakkety Tom
Loving it.

Please please please please write some more because its FREKKIN awesome and i love the thought of emo naruto(Like Gaara)

Well Done. - X3
7/30/2008 c2 Kyo
once again very funny lol text me . lol
7/23/2008 c2 9squirrelmaster
YOU FAIL AT LIFE! Muahahahaha, anywho... This chapter was awesome. I just finished watching The Dark Knight for a fourth time! Woot for me!
7/21/2008 c1 Darkamber8828
This attempt at humor was described by the second and third to last sentences. “Eh…what the hell close enough. You pass…but barely..."
7/20/2008 c1 1ketaramaru
omg haha that was awesome keep going and dont give up this story im gonna be a frequent revewer
7/20/2008 c1 Kyo
Nice lol that was freakin' awesome!
6/26/2008 c1 9squirrelmaster
Wot! That was like, totally rad. I loove the title.
6/24/2008 c1 you know who
Yay first review. he he pokemon...ha ha the good old days

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