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9/4/2012 c1 Tash
I enjoyed immensely your comments and I think you are very clever in your deciphering of Bronte's great, tragic novel.
7/24/2009 c1 Molly
I enjoyed this very much. =]
6/25/2008 c1 4Sarahofthefields
Good for you to reach for B and G and others. Gilbert and Gubar offer important insights into Bronte. The idea of the doppelganger of Jane and Bertha permeates the novel and allows for interesting feminist analysis: does Jane find freedom in her union to Rochester? Would she have found it if she had not run? All worthwhile questions as we interrogate the characters and Jane herself.

Post-colonial approaches to Jane Eyre take a different side. Rather than see Bertha as Jane's shadowy double, the post-colonial reader sees Bertha as an incarnation of the marginalised, colonized people-the Creole. Not only is Bertha deviant from Jane in her mentality, but also Bertha's character is presented in all animalistic forms which cast the "non-British" in a unfavorable light. She represents, then, the Victorian perspective on the Caribbean's people and demonstrates the injustice that serves as the silent foundations for the novel and for society. In other words, Bertha stirs up any sense of stability in the novel for character and circumstance. Her voice is never heard in Jane Eyre; rather we are privy to the snarls and snatches that come from her imprisionment-what else can she do but retaliate? And her snarls haunt the happy endings.

All this does not immediately look bad on Bronte. For while there is danger in this imprisionment of the "other people," Jane herself suffers similar imprisionment of self expression-both self inflicted and external-because of her governess race. In this light, Bronte realises that "racial" persecution does not serve any one well. Yet she does not seem to flinch from killing off the "other" in order for Jane unite with Rochester.

Oops. I have written a lot. Sorry. In short, I am glad you brought some critics here. The insights they bring are fascinating. Thanks.

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