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2/28/2016 c3 allison792
Please write more
2/3/2015 c3 Guest
Cool Story
It would be Great If someone could Write a Story about Aerrow and Piper and their life together as couple, like sleeping in the Same bed or sharing Kissen there and then,
It would be really cool If a good writer like you could Write a Story like that
7/13/2012 c3 Guest
"...when I get a hold of him he will face the raft of Finn"

Ummm...do you mean "WRATH of finn"?
1/26/2011 c3 chloe
that was so cool
5/17/2010 c1 piper and aerrow forever
Yeah it was awesome i want to read the next bit of the story write more!
8/4/2009 c3 Kayla
Aww!You're finished! NO!I want you to write the next new chapter!PLease!I'm begging you! I want to read the next chapter!Really really really really really really really REALLY! I am such a fan of your writing now! But please,please don't use any foul language.
7/13/2009 c1 number2stormhawkfan
in the actual show the dark ace was 24 when piper was 14 but I guess that wouldn't work :)
7/10/2009 c3 luna
cool keep adding
4/21/2009 c3 7jenergy
Jenergy: Hey stay away Dark Ace before i come after you and kick your A-

Grizzly: Easy now... We both know that Me you and Aerrow are going to get him if he goes after o.O Xiaonikki O.o

Jenergy: Right! By the way great story and chapters! Don't stop now and update ASAP! :D
1/30/2009 c3 35Strawberry Pocky Stix
Awsome! I always loved the AcexPiper pair
12/24/2008 c3 6fire-dancer123
more please! the way you torture characters is very amusing! (especially Aerrow and Dark Ace (which is two words, you seem to be missing spaces)) :P
11/1/2008 c3 1Halo Kyuubi Girl
yayz! u updated! I LOVE it! Keep up the great work! ^-^
10/28/2008 c3 12German Mickey
REALLY great chappie!
10/26/2008 c3 110029201
this definetly was your best chapter! loved it!
10/26/2008 c2 110029201
lol. still love it! but there were still spelling mistakes
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