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4/2/2016 c10 1Thefanwhowrites
Minnie loves Albus!
7/24/2012 c1 Guest
So far, I am deeply enjoying your writing. I've only recently started reading fanfiction (having less than 30 chapters under my belt) but I savor your writing style. Majority of what I have read, especially writings pertaining to McGonagall and Dumbeldore, has been extremely repedative and disrepspectful to the characters Rowling has created for us. It is wonderful to read this piece of work where the personality traits of the character stay true to those of Rowling. I enjoy your writing style and hope to be pleseantly suprised as I read more.
2/10/2011 c10 96SylvaDragon
That was really wonderful, I wanted to review before but my computer crashed on me. loved how they became such constant companions. It's a shame there won't be more of this for I would love to know what happened next.
2/10/2011 c9 SylvaDragon
That was just lovely, I really liked to see Albus in this more serious or sad mood, it was very touching. the kiss at the end held such a hint that they would finally confess their feelings and yet I'm not sure, for he drew away.
7/6/2010 c8 SylvaDragon
And there I was waiting for Albus to kiss her properly, very funny indeed Albus. :D A nice twist though, and the chapter is so sweet and cute.
7/6/2010 c7 SylvaDragon
Aw what a wonderful chapter, so sweet, and then the bit at the end, I just adored that.
2/24/2010 c10 9all roads lead to Rome
I'm very happy you've decided to continue this! I think it's a good story and it's a pity to let it without an end.

Please, continue it soon! =)
2/23/2010 c10 eternal vampire
Just found your story. Enjoying alot. Freezing Here in Milwaukee. Your story warmed me up. Your having fun with your character and I can tell how much you enjoy what you do. Looking forward to more, take care and have a great night.
2/23/2010 c6 96SylvaDragon
That was a lovely chapter, I adored the part with Fawkes. I really wanted Minerva to beat him at chess lol.
2/23/2010 c5 SylvaDragon
I loved the final line about Albus being weird. :D And peanut butter and strawberry sandwiches, I'd love to see what happened if he ate those.
2/23/2010 c4 SylvaDragon
Great chapter, it sounds as though they always have so much to talk about, that's a sure sign that they will fall in love.
2/23/2010 c3 SylvaDragon
That was a lovely chapter, I loved hearing about Minerva's dream and she seemed very in character to me with her way to take her mind of him. My sims Minerva cleans all the time. :D I'm really interested to see what happens next.

Sorry about your health problems, hope you feel better soon.
7/25/2008 c2 SylvaDragon
This is kind of sweet and cute, I'm interested to see how they eventually get together, since I'm sure they will. :) I can't believe that Albus forgot her ! I hope he starts calling her Minerva soon, he seems so formal.

Nice romantic couple of chapters, I look forward to more. I enjoy their dialogue.
7/2/2008 c2 1AnAdventure
I really like it. I'm glad that Minerva wasen't swooning over Albus during her school days, as I'm not much of a "Student/teacher" romance person. I hope to find out where this story ends up. =)

7/1/2008 c2 6Grey-EyedGirl
Really great second chapter. I really like this story so far!

If you still need a beta feel free to ask!
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