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11/29/2008 c3 20Dinurs
Pretty good chapter and the way Matt acts is pretty funny, still would have like him to be a little like canon Matt since if all you really are doing is changing the name (and gender) of Sakura then frankly there's no real reason to replace her (or that my though on the matter) still I suppose it to early to say he's just a Sakura clone with that little we've heard of him, would be intreresting if he at leaqst got some sound based jutsu, well as long as he don't start taking Will's hand leading her in to a house and then bam instant love then I suppose it's fine, and sorry for being a bit late with reviewing, got distracted by some other things.
11/29/2008 c3 A J
Great chap, XV, but please rem to gamma your beta, (or get a grammar check) the story is great but the syntax is suffering. Love the one-sided triangle you've got on their team, and hope to see more of the other girls and their teammates as well. The 'First Kiss of Elyon' was hilarious. I kinda hope the two settle their diferences eventually (without a death or two!) but not before you let things with Matt and the girls get WAY more plicomcated. ;D Catch ya on the flipside, A J.
11/28/2008 c3 9Mappadouji
Nice new chapter! Though I have to ask Since Elyon is our Uchiha avenger, then Phobos takes Itachi's spot as the man who would do anything to protect his village(killed his family to prevent civil war) and his little sister?
11/28/2008 c3 620yellow 14
A nice little chapter and an unusual set of pairings for you. (Your Will/Caleb preference tends to be a constant) I especially love Elyon and Will's first kiss, very funny. The odds they'll end up together look pretty good. Please update.
11/27/2008 c3 Philip Gipson
Welcome back, XV. This chapter was absolutely extraordinary, 'cause Will gets into plenty of mischief. I even liked the accidental "kiss" between Will and Elyon. I don't think they enjoyed that. Everyone would've assumed the two girls were lesbians. Will has a crush on Matt, who has a crush on Elyon, who intentionally ignores Matt. All three have been made a team by the Lord Hokage, and that is when they meet up with Kakashi. The silver-haired sensei to Will, Elyon, and Matt tells them that they must pass a test that has a sixty-six percent failure rate. Knowing Will, she might ease her way through, but as she will learn, nothing will be easy. I'm ready for the next chapter now, XV-sensei. You have the power to create it.
11/27/2008 c3 signora del cielo delle stelle
I feel so bad for Will. COntinue Soon!
11/27/2008 c3 1lost prince
Nice work XV-Dragon.

To say in short words what happened in this chapter, Poor Poor Will.

From Naruto charechtars, the most funnest to me are Shikamaru and Kakashi. In this fic they contenued to do just that, opposed to how Suske (or Elyon here) always annoyes me.

Will be waiting for the next chapter.
11/13/2008 c2 DyingDemon
I love it. I hope yuoll update soon :)
10/2/2008 c2 Willow94
Wha... I really love your story! The plot was not what i expected and its funny! ^_^ Please Update soon!
9/6/2008 c2 9Mappadouji
Well can't complain about this chapter, I certainly thought it was pretty good. Though I do hope you don't give Will's Wind clone jutsu the abilities of Shadow clone's(you know the whole experience and information that the clones gain is given sent back to the user since Wind clones aren't prefect clone like the shadow clones are)since wind clones aren't created completely out of chakra.
9/6/2008 c2 40ThePink1 at Reefside.Net
Hahahahaha, I can't stop laughing about the newly-forbidden jutsus. ;D Great story so far, XV, and I love the 'punishment' of Luba. (Is it my imagination, or does NOBODY like her?) Catch ya on the flipside, A J.
9/6/2008 c2 2hisokauzumaki
Awesome! Oh and this is just a guess here, but the Hokage is the Oracle, right?

Who else is going to be replaced and who's going to stay the same as in the Naruto-verse?

Please keep Sasuke as Sasuke!(for some reason i have the idea WillXSasuke stuck in my head.)
9/5/2008 c1 A J
Wow, XV, pretty cool so far. That must be some pretty good ramen, huh? ;D Catch ya on the flipside, A J.
9/4/2008 c2 Blues-man
The story is interesting, but your writing makes it hard to follow at points. There are missing, misspelled, and misused words at several points. A beta-reader would be a big help.
9/4/2008 c2 3Warbird
Good chapter XVD. I like how the story is turning out. This story seems so unique the way Will's true personality is so different from Naruto. Will is really shy and timid but tries so hard to hide it with a brash attitude that we'd expect from Naruto.

I'm glad that you've managed to give Will a version of the clone jutsu. Even though, according to the Manga and the lastest episodes, any element manipulation jutsu requires training to learn who to create element charka. Having and affinity towards an element is one but WOW, Will is just a gifted natural when it comes to Wind and Lightning charka!

I enjoyed the part were Will first opened the Wind clone jutsu scroll. LOL

I think it would have been even better if she had thrown a temper-tantrum while she yell how she was gonna use the Thunder Aeon on the Third. XD

I also like how you punished Luba. That closed minded kitty had it coming to her. Nice going recreating the Konohamaru's Sexy Jutsu training. It's one of the reasons why Will needs to have a clone jutsu in order to continue the Naruto storyline.

Finally, I can help but find it funny that the sexy jutsu worked, to some extent, on the Third Hokage Himmerish. He actually made it a forbidden jutsu! Wow, Will must be better with it than Naruto ever was. LOL

I can hardly wait for the next chapter to learn who Will will be teamed up with. And whether or not you'll even replace Kakashi-sensei or keep him in the story.

This story heading right back on track. :)
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