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3/14/2009 c14 7LaLaFaery
ARe you still going to continue this?
12/1/2008 c1 3HeartlessFallenAngel
This is going really well!

10/17/2008 c14 3Raenad
Hmm...maybe I should watch Phantom of the Opera to get some inspiration. :) I love every little thing about that movie.

Another great chapter! I'm so relieved that she's not just losing her mind. :)
10/7/2008 c14 2Ihaconch
I finally got around to reading this! Really good but a bit confusing but then again it could just be me.;P
10/6/2008 c14 porkypick
hay! good chappy! poor emily! and poor pat! i;m kind of starting to feel bad for him now that i know what's goin on in his head! wow! anyway, i gotta go. bells gonna ring. but good chappy. keep writing

lots of love


10/4/2008 c14 8elnochesesmuybonito
good chapter, makes everything make more snese, so what is he gonna do to help her?
10/3/2008 c14 14x-GlitterEyes-x
:o So pat was the one in the squirrel, i see.

I'm still curious as to who was in Eddie's body. The demon maybE? Hm... i have a few questions in my head now.

Anyway still enjoying the story, will look forward to next chapter. ^^
10/2/2008 c14 1Crushed Peanuts
A new twist in his tale. So sad, but makes the story even better.
10/2/2008 c14 4Italiangurlinamessedupworld
If Pat doesn't take care of the unfinished business the Demon will take Emily's soul.

I figured that out because I'm smart like that.

At least that's what I THINK will happen.


I'm finding it harder to hate Pat right now.

God damnit. I really want to hate him too.

Keep writing,


P.S. Wonderful chapter by the way.
9/20/2008 c13 2Musing
oh this is soo good! Rob is definitely better than Pat. Update soon!
9/15/2008 c13 3Raenad
What? Argh! Did they not hear her yelling and screaming when Pat/Jeff carried her away from Lisa's house? And what? She attempted to kill Rob? Ok, I'm so lost. Please tell me she's just not slowly losing her mind. Aw man! UPDATE SOON!

And this is really good. :)
9/15/2008 c12 Raenad
Wow! I'm so creeped out! This is really good!
9/15/2008 c13 2Ihaconch
still confused. And did you get inspiration for the squirrel from french class?
9/15/2008 c13 1Crushed Peanuts
First I thought it was Lisa, but I guess it was Patrick after all?

However it was, the squirrel was awefully cute anyways. :)
9/14/2008 c13 4Italiangurlinamessedupworld

Goddamnit! She didn't murder Lisa! And what happened to Rob? NOO!


I liked it. Weird squirrel though. Was it Pat? Or, another ghost... Lisa?

I have no clue.

Keep writing,

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