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2/21/2009 c2 4Manabishi
hola! espero que continues esta historia, es interesante ^^

podrias poner que lavi despierta y junior todavia etsa dentro d el, y despues le cuenta a kanda sobre sus dos personalidades... aunque tadaria un poco llegar a esto porque no creo que Kanda diga "que suerte que despertaste ahora sos mi novio : D" y pueden tener una charla para conocerse...

pero veo esta historia con futuro y drama, espero que puedas actualizar pronto ^^
10/20/2008 c2 gonegonegonegongeoengrwiioegjw
i liked it...and i love the rk. :)

continue plz?
8/2/2008 c2 melric
i really like! its confusing yes, but not thaat confusing so its ok. i find that very original the idea of junior and lavi fighting :D (and im absolutely in love with kanda/lavi -ever read miko-no-da livejournal stories? you should, everyone should, they are amazing) please continue updating, i have no idea how you can continue this but im hoping on a inspirational attack to seize you!
7/24/2008 c2 3Julye
Oh my~ how come I could miss such an awesome story like this? Damn me!

You know what? I love your fic. And I mean it. Seriously. Lo ve. Not like. Love.

It's so great that I cant believe that's your first one ever. And this story is exactly what I've been waiting for a fanfic, and what I'd love to read the most. Really.

I love the way you write about Lavi and his life, his insider, his feelings, his love, and his everything. Somehow I feel and write the same thing, and same style. But its obvious that I can never do such great works like you. Thats why I admire you so much.

The conversation between Lavi n Junior was quite interesting. And the love between Lavi n Yuu was totally the sweetiest thing in this world. I love it, them, and you too! I love you! For writing such an adorable fic like that!

Keep writing and update soon, neh? I'm still waiting...
7/21/2008 c2 19taoueriT
Woo hoo, this is really really interesting! I like how you portray the different sides of Lavi, you have a good feel for his character. Keep writing and update soon,

7/16/2008 c2 skele-gro
So will 'Lavi' awaken as Junior? :X Update!
7/14/2008 c2 5knux33
Hehe, Lavi has such a lavishing personality, and its very easy to see when he's compaired to Junior.

Aw, soeone's calling them. Kanda? Not like the guy would ever admit to being worried, not normally anyway.

Update soon please!
7/14/2008 c1 94Sorceress Fantasia
Looking good so far, and I'd love to see more of this.
7/14/2008 c2 Tragedy Said
wow.. I really love your writing style and the way you describe everything. It's simply amazing. You described Lavi and Junior PERFECTLY! :D I cant find words good enough to describe your writing xD I'm not too keen on the Lavi/Kanda part though.. Anyway, good job! Looking forward to your future chpts/stories.
6/27/2008 c1 38Dhampir72
Your first DGM fic? -is in awe- If you're worried about it being bad or OOC, you're completely wrong. You've got the stuff that most of us strive to have. Hang on to that and keep writing; I'd love to see more from this story and from you in the future :D

6/27/2008 c1 6HybridDragoness
O_O WOW - this is your first D.Gray Man fanfic! THIS IS AWESOME! You write so descriptivley; omfg I love this to pieces. Please do write more =D I wanna know what happens! Lavi rocks my very heart and soul!
6/27/2008 c1 5knux33
*Stares* That was an amazing begining. AMAZING. Please, please continue!

I saw no spelling mistakes, and the sequince of Thought/Events was a good idea.

Again, I can't wait to see just what happens next.

Great work!

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