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for The Penance of Andy Goode

9/4/2010 c1 17JustAnotherCrazyWriter
I really like this idea! Wonderfully executed.
2/1/2009 c1 28Kairan1979
I liked Andy Goode in show, and the idea of him creating Cameron is interesting.
12/28/2008 c1 amber-prescott
Hi, interesting idea, efficiently executed. Like a real Terminator. Thanks for writing it.
10/16/2008 c1 1Augustus Paladin Maximus
I liked your story better as opposed to what they presented in the show about both Andy and Cameron's supposed creation (Allison). It is a great story.
8/22/2008 c1 5UchihaHakura64
This is very accurate and powerfully written. I loved the young Andy Goode...I was so sad that he died, and yet, you know that it had to be done. Great fic, I love the creation of Carmen and especially the ending.
7/11/2008 c1 18happyhooligan2001
Whoah! You just covered the evil and slavery that is Skynet a lot more eloquently than I ever could. You also gave an explanation as to why that other terminator saw Cameron as an "unknown model." I'm not sure how Andy went about sculpting the flesh but he may have access to some rather advanced technology so I'll let it slide.
6/27/2008 c1 Jake
that was good! I kinda had a feeling on where you were going with andy being all sneaky and building his own machine.

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