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3h c1 DarkHunter10
Well, the control of the darkness is pretty good...I'd like to think this has loads of potential... And yes the third hokage is BEYOND an idiot...I cannot believe that someone that dumb is able to get up and dressed every morning without incurring severe injuries. He's also kind of a traitor to his own village and his own ideals of "the will of fire"... Since he basically goes AGAINST the fourth's final ORDERS.. It also NEVER made much sense how naruto turned out.. That's just not how human psychology works... He should have been FAR more like "menma" from "road to ninja". Of course, menma doesn't make much sense EITHER.. But Kishimotto seems completely BACKWARDS in most of the characters.
4/20 c1 kingpj999
I totally agree, Sarutobi is the WORST Kage in all the elemental nations. I don't count Yagura since he wasn't really on his mind due to the genjutsu.
3/16 c1 Guest
I really want to ask this since ever. Why people so much like harem? What's wrong with just 1 girl? I mean like hell are you that so much frustrated with sex or what? Or are you just pervert? Or just me think that harem was gross? Sometimes i find so much great fanfic but when the storyline turned towards the harem I couldn't help but feel disgusted and wondered why it had to be a harem?
1/20 c12 Thatnormalweeb1
I reqlly enjoy this story bht there are some inconsistencies. like Neji being able to do a B-rank jutsu. Arent the Hyuuga known for only using the gentle fist and being lacking in Ninjutsu as they think it's below them?
1/13 c1 Um grande fa 01
Queria saber se vai ter continuação talvez ,uma introdução de novos personagens misturados com o enredo principal. So acho que uma historia pra ser boa nao necessariamente precisa ter limoes . Queria saber qual seria o plano de naruto e o segredo no livro de kemmler e os planos e as batalhas que naruto travaria para obter o poder do livro e como se encaixaria o enredo com os vampiros as fadas e outras faccoes de diferentes poderes neste universo .
1/10 c1 Grande fa 01
Gostaria de continuar a ler essa historia por favor volte a nos dar esperança nessa historia .continue o trabalho . E pra uma ideia futura introduzir numa nova historia um personagem novo e inventar uma historia de gamer no universo naruto existe algumas historias desse tipo como daite hechrima eu acho muito boa essa historia tem 273 capitulos infelizmente carecemos dessas historias boas fica ai minha participação obrigado pela consideração .
1/10 c1 Um grande fa 01
É uma excelente historia perdi as contas de quantas vezes eu re li , aguardo o seu retorno pra continuar essa historia e nao imagino como sera o resto da historia sera que vc pode ate considerar a introduzir n
5/12/2023 c3 maalik
i died of cringe sorry
this sucks lol
5/12/2023 c1 maalik
i feel like i have found a small ocean in the middle of a desert. Its an arduous struggle nowadays finding quality plot and quality authors to execute said plots.

I completely approve of the idea of providing an auto defense for naruto. THe WEAKEST of the tailed beasts gives something, but the strongest gives nothing?! Kurama was such a freeloader in the original. pumping only a tiny spec of chakra when his host was on the verge of death. Greedy bastrd.

Im not sure about shadows though. kyuubi has a very fiery appearance, and in fact we now know naruto contained specifically the YANG hal, not the yin half. IMO its more appropraite for nine tails chakra to flash into existence and corrode and burn away anything that tries to touch naruto. That fits kurama's design more but i guess it would be a little op.
12/21/2022 c5 saysadg25
bro you roasted that guy you probably didn't see it but BURN!
11/27/2022 c1 Sora9979
Way to go Snips you make me proud yeah the old man was pretty stupid especially with that choice he needed a good kick in the ass after that
10/7/2022 c44 rageouss
how retarded man, for a guy that can get whooped by an S rank ninja he sure is confident. Making the whole world an enemy.. smh
10/7/2022 c41 rageouss
the pacing.. wtf? so many chapters for some random genin, come the fuck on. maybe in canon this arc was important but here..? HELL NO, so many chapters for this shit
10/7/2022 c38 rageouss
MC going on the path of a minor crook that dies off mid story, why in the seven fucking hells would he willingly send zombies to die in the akatsuki's hand? all this did is give them even more information on them.. why is he getting more retarded by the day man.. he's only 14 he's not supposed to get senile yet
10/7/2022 c35 rageouss
sorry bro but even with this, what happened last chapter is complete bullshit, if a half dead tsunade with no chakra can almost kill him, and kunais with fire chakra can nullify his shadows, then even in 1000 years he would still get bodied by any of the upper akatsukis, tsunade even at full power is nowhere near the top characters, how tf is he supposed to get stronger if his main fighting ability is fucked by even the lightest of flames?
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