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for Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru

8/13 c10 python73
Me, just now when I went to click NEXT and it was the last chapter: "AWWW COME ON!"

Really liked the story and characters in this one. Needs... 50 or 60 more chapters. Thanks!
8/13 c10 2phoebusss
Nice Chapter! Can't wait for the next one! About you're poll with the Terrigen, if Altaira goes through with it, would she turn into Mrs. Fantastic? Or Monkey D. Luffy? That'd be fun.
8/11 c10 Guest
Continue please?
8/12 c10 1Katsuhito
Just rereading this one. Now the action is heating up. I look forward to the next installment. :)
8/6 c8 Crainium9
The girl form makes me dislike this otherwise great book if it was pure girl or guy I wouldn’t care but the switching is y I hate ranma too
8/5 c10 ev11
One hell of an exit.
And more than one question raised on the way out.

I know magic exists and with semi mythical figures like merlin around it seems less far fetched for there to be Demi immortal individuals wandering around, but I feel like confirmation of the existence of a legit pantheon of gods is the sort of thing that would cause some level of wtf.
Divine revelation and all that generally raises some eyebrows.

I’m interested in seeing where Harry’s adventures will take him next, but I’m also keen on seeing more slice of life for harry in this new world. And I can’t help but feel a double life between Asgard and hogwarts would be difficult to balance.
8/2 c7 Sensepi Rescopula
this story so far has made me confused and I'm not getting answers for the questions I have this whole gender changing thing is just something that turns this story off for me like if you were going to do this why not just make him female I would be OK with this if it was an ability he gained in the future to use for trolling or some shit but this just makes no sense to me
7/27 c10 Chris PerMow Warner
please great wordsmith, I beseech thee! send us words blessed from on high, end the cliffhanger!
7/12 c1 StarClew
I suddenly remembered reading this way back when, in what I expect was its first iteration (hockey pads, unbreakable vows re: skirts, and "Pick-a-'Puff" are still bouncing around in my noggin after all these years), and I decided to track it down and read it again. I was surprised to find it updated, and a little skeptical when I saw the fandom tags, but I'm glad that it hasn't gone Full SuperWhoLock. I like the changes that have been made from what I remember; Harry being less sociopathic, aging everyone up/setting the story later in the timeline to allow for them acting so maturely, and a generally less ravenously horny tone being chief amoung them. I'm keen to see where this Asgard angle is going, and how it'll tie in going forward.

I'd say "see you in another 12 years!" but now that I've made an account, I won't lose all my bookmarks and go over a decade between checking for new chapters :D
7/8 c10 kristinamanga
C'est quand la suite de l'histoire ?
6/20 c10 Eriktheviking70
A great read, thank you.
6/17 c10 1dammyd
I am very confused about Lily and Narcissa's relationship. There are time when it feels like James knows about it and gave Liky approval but doesn't want to know. Like almost like an open relationship and there are times when it feels like Lily is outright cheating and James doesn't know but the cheating is ok. Interesting to see how this goes
6/12 c10 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
6/6 c10 Anon
This….was not good.
5/31 c10 Kuro Neko9695
Wow! OMG this is great, please update soon!
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