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for Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru

9/29 c6 TheFanFicDevourer
Man I almost want to curse you for writing so realistically. Legit I've read forms of a Harry assuming the life of an alt universe Harry but differences are boiled down pretty quickly. There's just so many mysteries and tidbits circling here, which obviously is a much more organic take on the whole plot point, but does make me insanely curious. So good job, you're driving me crazy- excellent writing.
9/25 c1 1TheJediOutlaw
boredkingI see where you get your name. Have fun being boring.
9/22 c1 BoredKing
Please tag this as genderbending. I don't want to read about Harry turning into a girl and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
7/2 c8 Guest
Chapter one was clearly written by someone else. The rest of this sht show is clearly done by someone on drugs.
4/29 c12 Locothehood
Poor midguard harry actually inviting loki down.
Battle postponed due to siblings.
Fire whisky in extreme demand. Well if they still have it.
Cant wait for the giant luna sightings.

And they haven't even gotten to class yet.
3/19 c7 Guest
7 chapters in. It’s just slice of life stuff. No crossovers yet. Writing is good just meh.
1/26 c8 austin-flare-potter
Give this skip.
I never hated something like I hate Harry in this story.
1/24 c12 1Rogue7
Soo hoping that there will be more of this story...
12/23/2022 c1 Bakeku67
I haven't read this story, and probably won't, but I couldn't stop thinking about one thing when i saw the title:
Harry Potter and The Wand of UwU
12/6/2022 c8 Zhelander
We had a somewhat interesting story going here. Why did you need to start going through the incredible murky waters that are gender identities? What a way to spoil the story with all that drama.
11/25/2022 c12 19orthankg1
Very nice, I like it.
10/22/2022 c1 Red's Melancholy
How about you add some fucking tags to your story before making people waste their time with this confusing ass shit. There is literally zero coherency to this story.
10/22/2022 c7 Red's Melancholy
Ao Harry doesn't care he's been turned into a girl, doesn't care his mother is a cheating whore. What the fuck is this story even about?
10/21/2022 c12 dunder41
thanks for continuing this story, I have found several different versions of it through my years on this and other sites. Every one of them has been enjoyable to read. hope to see more of this in the future.
10/15/2022 c12 Astramilitarum01
Yeah sorry but no.

I don't think that any of the things in the story or the gender bender are properly integrated into the story and the overall feel off the story has basically nothing in common with the first chapter.
Overall the story has more off a feel of Drama and Mystery instead of romance and Adventure and even at that is not really one of the better HP Fanfics.
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