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for Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru

7/13/2016 c13 Sandaime Hokage
Enjoying the fic so far, looking forward to the next update
7/10/2016 c13 SuzuWuzu
Great story! Honestly refreshing, great oc's and very human dialog. No idea where the plot is going, but the amount of polish in your writing is superb. Hope you continue.
7/8/2016 c6 tamagat
great an asgardian girlfriend,cool. not enough testosterone though. le *sigh*
7/8/2016 c5 tamagat
yeah, im really uncomfortable with yuri scenes so i just skimmed it
7/8/2016 c4 tamagat
more gender bender bullshit! I fucking hate you! but i cant stop reading! goddammit! Im in a conundrum!
7/8/2016 c3 tamagat
gender bending bullshit! you're lucky i love marvel else i would've stopped reading this altogether.
7/5/2016 c13 hamsterville
Honestly interesting story. Like how you made Atiera and was fun changing some of the characters. Didn't like the added Harry gender bender as I don't think it really does anything to the story. You're also adding to many characters without proper story development which makes it confusing
6/29/2016 c4 17wingsrookie
I usually don't comment until I've finished reading everything that's already posted, but I was laughing so hard so many times at the great parts of this story, that I had to post! Great story, very funny in parts, can't wait to keep reading!
6/12/2016 c13 Grovtech
Well, Albus is going to be busy reviewing memories assuming something doesn't interfere.

You know, Harry needs to start training with sword and shield, but he's probably thinking that himself about now.

REally Kool story!
5/29/2016 c13 2ArthurShade
Hell of a story can't wait for the next chapter
5/28/2016 c13 listohain
Cool story, will you continue it or you dropped it?
5/18/2016 c2 Guest
I just noticed the most interesting trend in your story; you get a female oc, you get a female oc, you get a female oc, you all get female oc's. I have no problem with diverse characters, but when stories focus on one gender more than the other it borders bland. You story work is great and I love the flow you have going, but it almost feels like one of those (anime) fan fictions with the male lead and then endless female support. Your sorry could benefit from switchin it up a little, change the POV (but keep the style for gods sake don't go into 1st person or anything), introduce some male supporting character and female leads as well. Otherwise you hit all checks on the list; great dialogue, good description, nice tone, and interesting story change, keep it up this story is going places.
5/3/2016 c13 3GrimmPandaMan
I honestly love all the polyamory in this story and DAMN THAT WAS EPIC, THOR IS FINALLY HERE! WOOHOO!
4/23/2016 c13 AnthonyR89
...you're obsessed with having siblings banging each other, aren't you? you do realize harry is related to the Norse pantheon, and not the Greek pantheon, right? heh.

entertaining read overall so far though, and i hope you update it soon. even with Wanda and Pietro not being mutants and the appearance of Hank Pym. seriously, Pym is probably my second most hated marvel character. after 616 Tony Stark (the civil war arc pretty much ruined him for me).
4/23/2016 c10 AnthonyR89
so, the two "super girls" mentioned in this chapter. one's obviously Frost. i take it the other is Sage? and are they already part of the Hellfire Club? which in itself brings up the question of why they didn't know about magic, considering who the Black Queen is.
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