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for Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru

3/22/2016 c13 The Shadows Mistress
love this story, great chapter!
3/22/2016 c13 sainen
while I like this story in general,I don't much care for the idea of Harry switching his wand to Mjölnir.
I rather like the soul entwined magic induced genderbender, and the character dynamics between Thrúd and Harry. if you absolutely must give someone Mjölnir I'd rather see Hermione with it than giving it to Harry.
3/22/2016 c13 misherukuro
Yay! For updates. ~,~
3/22/2016 c20 IJN Suzutsuki
There is a small thing called POST NEW STORY instead of deleting chapters and posting this temp removed nonsense...in fact since they aren't chapters they are reportable.
3/19/2016 c13 8Veedramon
You always tend to add way too many characters in your stories. Is like is impossible for you to stay with a small cast. No wonder that Blue Belle is in like, the seventh version now?

Now back to this story, do we really need such a big cast so soon? And Harry dreaming about the future?

And no matter how much you seem to love Emma Frost and Jean grey, they really seem shoehorned into the story.

They are not even Hogwarts students or have one of their daughters going there.

Just give up and write a long story with Emma Frost, Amora and Jean Grey instead of having them in most of your stories.

And sorry to point this out, but Ant Man is a very unpopular Marvel character. To the point I was surprised they included him in that Avengers cartoon.

So don't be surprised peoole barely know about him and Wasp.

Newflash, for years Wasp was a menber of the Avengers without Ant Man appearing in the Avengers issues.

Heck, Goliath was more popular than him at some point due to being the giant man from the Thunderbolts.
It doen't help that part of his background includes both creating Ultron and being a wife beater.

Not that the character cannot recover from that, Green Arrow used to be ignored every time they made an animated adaptation until the Justice League cartoon. That revived enough interest in the character to.., Neverendind.

The thing is, nowadays is more likely for people to know about the Avengers thanks to the cartoons and the movies than to the comics.

Heck, Ant Man is so unpopular they made Tony Stark be the one to build Ultron for that movie.

And that made absolutely no fucking how powerful Jarvis was, so it kind of made a plothole.
3/19/2016 c11 Veedramon
A tail and antlers, what version of the Frost Giants are you using?
3/19/2016 c10 Veedramon
You refer to Wanda as male sometimes.
3/17/2016 c11 cellester
love the story so far! please update soon.
3/16/2016 c5 cellester
Harry's new life is awesome and i'm very jealous. who is Thrud's father?
3/16/2016 c3 cellester
what did the statuesque red head say? would love to have a wand that could turn into a sword! sounds terribly useful.
3/11/2016 c21 2yellulhchicken
thanks for the update.
3/9/2016 c11 Guest
Could you delete empty chapters, then post, so we'll get an update?
3/9/2016 c11 Highlord
Wow. James is a goddamed hypocrite. Complain's about his wife having a lover on the side, while speaking to his lover on the side. Careful about that glass house, jackass.

But I suppose this /is/ the "wizarding world" here, and that shithole has been stuck in the 17th century for gods know how long.
3/8/2016 c21 Zach
Love the revision. Very well written :)
3/7/2016 c21 m-f42
I think you should give up on tropes that made me want to read it are hackneyed now; go to the mass effect one you were doing. The human f**k yeah genre is in resurgence.
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