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for Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru

4/30/2020 c3 Kuroji
Oh, fantastic, this is back! I don't remember enough of the old version beyond the fact that I enjoyed it, though I'd read the first two chapters not long ago. Glad to see it's not dead, and I'll be looking forward to reading more of the revamp!
4/30/2020 c3 Moon Wolf 96
A very nice twist on an often tread path. Looking forward to reading more to see how you put your spin on it!
4/30/2020 c3 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
4/30/2020 c3 1Worldsprayer
A) The direction you've swung this one is interesting, no complete reset back to pre-year 1 here which can definitely open up a ton of possibilities, I definitely look forward to seeing where you take him as a young man instead of a boy.
B) Your writing has improved MASSIVELY. While I can barely recall the story from what...10 years ago...I do remember not being overly impressed with ANY of the versions of this story, all for different reasons. Your writing ability has obviously not been idle, so thus I look forward to the future of this even more!.
4/30/2020 c3 ErnestTheGuy
Ooo interesting. We are starting after the ministry disaster
4/30/2020 c3 Smokeing
Very interesting story hope you keep writing
4/30/2020 c3 shugokage
Nice job on this chapter!
4/30/2020 c3 Laeknyr
Fifteen-year olds are in the girls are gross stage? Lol. Great update as always :)
4/25/2020 c2 untoldpleasure
I'm glad this story is being dusted off.
4/20/2020 c1 tammgrogan
Damn sad chapter.
4/18/2020 c2 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
4/14/2020 c2 Guest
Well, good to see there'll be more of this story. Looking forward to it!
4/15/2020 c2 shugokage
Interesting chapter good job!
4/15/2020 c2 Svenion
I'm looking forward to when harry starts asserting himself in this new world, but i have a feeling the next 5 chapters are going to be the usual emotional, angsty transition period.
4/15/2020 c2 DiveLord
I am very confused, but interested. I apparently can’t remember the original version to help make sense of this.
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