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for Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru

8/2/2017 c8 30DalkonCledwin
Oh no… you did not Gender-Flip Ron… did you? Please tell me you didn’t…

Technically, Hermione is closer to twelve years old right now.

Pietro? Pietro’s attending Hogwarts? This won’t be pleasant for anyone. That said, Lorna will be incredibly miffed that she missed the magic gene in her family!

I don’t recall “Pissah” ever being a thing in my country.
8/2/2017 c7 DalkonCledwin
Ah, the green haired magnet girl makes an appearance!

She can probably walk into Gringotts and make a veritable killing off of Asgardian Gold!

You know… sometimes there are things that should be kept as they are, not because they are in any way superior to modern conveniences, but because they represent a historical legacy! Take for example the Cog Railway that ascends Mount Washington in New Hampshire. The “Cog” uses both Steam Locomotives and Bio Diesel Locomotives, but it is the Steam ones that everyone visits the Rail to experience! That and the fact that it is the world’s first mountain climbing cog railway… if you were to try to modernize it anymore than it already is… well there are two major issues with doing that. First, you actually need a Steam Engine for a train to be capable of functioning at temperatures such as -50 degrees fahrenheit, which is actually a temperature that is known to be possible on that mountain. Second is the fact that even beyond the mountain itself, the Cog Rail on said mountain is a state treasure, if not a national one! It is easily the largest tourist attraction in New Hampshire now that the Old Man on the Mountain has bitten the dust!

While the people in charge of transportation between London and Hogwarts couldn’t possibly have missed the fact that the Express is positively archaic compared to the far more advanced trains that occupy the Muggle side of King’s Cross Station… my suspicion regarding the Express is that it remains a Steam Engine for the same reason that the first sight a First Year gets of the castle is one that most likely only happens once a year, on that very first night! You can not possibly convince me Hogwarts is constantly lit up like that from every window and courtyard every single night of the entire school year! That makes no sense based on what we have seen in the movies or heard described in the books. These things are intended to make a statement of grandeur, more than they have anything to do with the Doctrine of Wizarding Superiority that many Purebloods delude themselves with.

Harry forgets that to sign up for too many electives in order to get that Time-Turner, he has to be willing to deal with Divination classes again. Not to mention Muggle Studies!
8/2/2017 c6 DalkonCledwin
Not like Loki doesn’t visit his/her other daughter frequently enough as is. Threats of banishment to Hel mean diddly squat against people Hela actually likes!

Better that Heimdall is a fan of Shakespeare than him being the All-Seeing version Mad-Eye!

Rose is so awesome!
8/2/2017 c4 DalkonCledwin
Alshaina is a terrible name for Fem!Harry in this story as it too closely resembles Altaira. That and there is actually a star whose name starts with an A, but whose true identity is far more thematically correct for the former Parseltongue… Alya!

Don’t deny it Harry! You love Altaira! That and she would never turn into the sort of person that Hermione became.
8/2/2017 c3 DalkonCledwin
ROFLMAO, Lily and Cissy are cheating on their respective husbands with each other, aren’t they?

Oh… those were words confirming Harry to be “Worthy” to wield that sword! on the otherhand, Ollivander has to be positively delighted!
8/2/2017 c2 DalkonCledwin
The question about Peter’s imprisonment was whether or not the other three Marauders aired their dirty secret to make sure he stayed in prison.

A flying green haired girl in a world that includes Mutants, is most certainly real!

Only differences in the realities were in the last ten years or so? Until you started looking into the wider world that is…

That is an awful way to treat your familiar Altaira!
8/2/2017 c1 DalkonCledwin
That… that is a remarkably good description of the canonical Lavender from the time she dated Ron onwards. She may or may not have met that description earlier than that, who knows, she was a non-character.

Hermione is being unreasonable… especially if Harry was raised as a Catholic (which I suspect he would have been given Vernon’s behavior). The Catholic Church holds the tradition that a spouse should be in mourning for a period of a year and a day, during which time that individual should not show romantic interest in the opposite gender. Harry is perfectly within his rights to refuse socializing by those customs, and Hermione as a Muggleborn, should know about these traditions, especially given how prolific a bookworm she is.

Wow, that is another thing we share in common, my female name for Harry is also Dahlia!

More likely he was a metamorphmagus with MPD.
5/28/2017 c12 LetsSeeIfICanDoThisToo
This sucks, the story used to make sense, then out of nowhere the writer becomes a horndog, ditches the plot and writes conpletely random porn intersperced with almost irrelevant plotlines concerning previously untapped characters.

Add to the fact that it hasnt been updated for a while and the next chapter is the last online, its quite clear that the wroter lost interest this chapter or the last and started drifting and focusing on the sexlives of otherwise irrelevant characters.
5/21/2017 c13 mrpietan
Of the 3 versions I've read. All of them mentioning the same story title. This one is by far the best. I know its been a year since you last updated this story, were you going to continue it?
5/19/2017 c13 myafroatemydog
This was an awesome chapter.
5/18/2017 c12 myafroatemydog
This was a good chapter. This explains why Luna acted that way in Harry's dream. Though I hope luna and harry end up together
5/18/2017 c11 myafroatemydog
I hope you have luna be with harry in this. I'd pay for you to do that. It would feel messed up to have this luna hate him
5/18/2017 c10 myafroatemydog
This was an interesting chapter that end though. I hope you make harry a mutant
5/18/2017 c9 myafroatemydog
This was a great chapter
5/18/2017 c8 myafroatemydog
Things are getting interesting
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