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7/14/2008 c8 10Wonderbee31
All right! Go Hermione and Harry! Loved that little dream with Luna there, and wonder if it's prophetic, or just wishful thinking on Harry's part. The four of them continue to make a good team and looking forward to what all will go down next, though sweet to see Hermione lay Malfoy out so early, and wonder if this will turn into a hate/hate relationsip?
7/14/2008 c8 24Owl344
Fun story1 I like it, much better than SilverAegis', I must admit. I take he's *not* going to be with Ginny? Good. I also like the sorting hat.
7/13/2008 c8 1Kalen Darkmoon
I'm glad they seem to be helping you out. It's generally been my experience that the folks over at DLP are little more than immature and useless pricks who enjoy tearing down others in order to prop up their own pathetic egos. Perhaps they feel they need to redirect attention away from certain shortcomings of their own? I guess it's good that something useful is coming from them for a change - even if it is unintended. LoL

Anyway, this was a good chapter. I'm enjoying the story and looking forward to more.
7/13/2008 c6 jmsdragn
hmm a harry/Daphne pairing sounds interesting but again so does a harem XD but thats up to you its your story and personally right now i think your doing a wonderful job writing this and im enjoying reading this story XD spin off or not of silveragis or how ever he called XD i can never spell it but meh. i look forward to the rest of this story
7/13/2008 c8 luckykas
Hey dont let some self appointed 'analysts' stop your creativity. There are many who really like this story including myself. You have developed characters really well and made them different enough from the canon to generate curiosity as to how the story unfolds. alternate dimension would make sense if Harry's friends are also diff from what the canon universe has. Wish you all the best with your story and looking forward to your next update.

- Addicted fan
7/13/2008 c8 Lia3
I like this story. Also, I always felt that Ginny looked too much like Lily Evans. I reconized some of the names from the Buffyverse. Are you crossing with that universe?
7/13/2008 c8 27zeynel
*burst in laughter* Love the demonstration at the end of this part! Nice Hermione... *grins* Bet the slytherins are gonna be the ones in for a nasty surprise come the match! I can just iĆ¹agine the letter Hermione send her parents as well... "I MADE THE EAM! You know, for this game that's played on brooms 50 meters up, with the iron balls attacking the players, I'm so happy! Well, I'm just on the reserve team, but still!" *grins widening* Oh, loved the 'Malfoy got it' part, it was hilarious, something tell me he's gonna be cautious and more polite with Hermione as the years grow by (she's not afraid of Crabbe and Goyle, this girl!), and the way Neville and Ron got a detention... Nice!

Hmm... About Luna... Was It really just a dream? Or will we have a nice surprise come the second year? -sorry, just LOVE her!
7/13/2008 c8 Johnny-on-the-spot

7/13/2008 c8 14Roozette
I LOVE you! Just so you know. In an obsessive fan-girl stalkerish kind of way. *blows kisses* Frightened yet?

Moving on. Your Harry is utterly precious! I love his sassyness and how he's having so much fun messing with everyone's heads. I bet his dad was thrilled he made the team.

Neville as a prat - lmao! So well written. And Hermione? *blows more kisses* I hated her as Hermy Whore in Chap 1, but this new athletic Hermione just rocks my socks.

Keep up the brilliance!


7/13/2008 c8 jayod
nice chapter. dumbledore seems different here, more without the greater-than-thou attitude from canon and elsewhere. i don't like him on principle, but can on this fic if he continues like this. i wonder how snape is going to react to harry when next they meet, should be interesting. and gryffindor is going to have a heck of a quidditch season, for the next 7 years. the dream about luna is interesting. i like her as a character, but she's just too weird for this fic, if that's possible. as long as she isn't paired with harry, or could show that she could be just as cool as harry, she's fine. good job, update soon!
7/13/2008 c8 3jdboss1
It just geting better and better
7/13/2008 c8 BigMike0
Love the story and i love Hermiones character. I think Harry and Daphne would work good later on as a couple.
7/13/2008 c8 noylj
Great Hermy scene. Did she know anything was going to happen or is she going to kill Harry.

Need more chapters. Your last update was july 12, and it is 4 hours into July 13.
7/13/2008 c8 kubas89
7/13/2008 c8 horsinaround94
Good job! Can't wait for more!
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